The Archdiocese of Malta website: Website for the list of parishes, dependent churches and details about each. (Particularly Charles Buttigieg PRO for his unselfish help both by e-mail and personally in Malta) -

The Diocese of Gozo: Website for the list of parishes and churches.

Anthony Scerri: My eldest brother now deceased, in whose archives I found some B&W photos of churches and chapels as they were in the late 1940s and 50s. Thanks to my nephew Noel Ciantar for scanning all the negatives and sending me the archives in high resolution.

'Descrizione storica delle chiese di Malta e Gozo' By Achille Ferres (head teacher of Valletta primary school). This is a description of Maltese and Gozitan churches of his time and some information about most of them. Based on a 1780 list of churches on the islands, which is also included. Written in 1866. (Available online on Google Books)

Malta Historical Society: Website - Their articles from Melita Historica and History week.

'Ghaqda Dilettanti Mudelli ta' Knejjes': Website for information about some models of churches.

MEPA 2003 Social Facilities and Community Care Topic Paper Page 125 - for List of cemeteries.

Kappelli Maltin WEBSITE - Roderick Busuttil, Noel Ciantar, Caroline Busuttil and Joe Brincat¬İfor permission to use pictures and information from their website.

Anthony M Brincat Of 'Kappelli Maltin' who not only supplied me with missing photos but also had the patience of browsing this website and sending me corrections to discrepancies and also updates to some of the items.

Anthony Blackman One of my Kappelli Maltin Facebook friends. He has posted many albums of chapels and churches taken at excellent angles without parked cars in front. He has given me permission to use any of his shots on this website. I have adopted quite a number.

Rayden Mizzi Who is one of my Kappelli Maltin friends on Facebook, has a great number of recordings of church and chapel bell plenums and also posts beautiful pictures of the said churches on Facebook. He has given me permission to use many of these pictures on this website.

Maris Zammit; Jacqueline Agius; Edward Abela; Cedric Galea Pirotta and Guzeppi Theuma For permission to include selections of their artwork showing Chapels, in the Art - Models section.

Borg John For some photos of hard-to-find chapels and for his zeal in using this website as reference. I'm honoured.

Francis Ray Gregory For permission to use his photos of St Paul Shipwreck (tal-Hgejjeg) church in St Pauls Bay before and during WWII

Oliver Mallia For permission to use his photos of the St Nicholas church and crypt at Fort Ricasoli Kalkara.

Jeanette Ellul For permission to use her six photos of ruined churches from around WWII.

Stanley Borg of Trekking Malta for permission to use some of his photos.

Franz Coppini A close friend of mine who not only sends me pictures of chapels to post on my website, but also takes me around the island whenever I'm in Malta on holiday, for the purpose of taking more pictures.

Noel Pace for the picture of the chapel at the Police Hq Floriana.

Oliver Mallia For permission to use his photos of churches in the past.

Fabian Mangion for his help in correcting inconsistencies in my Senglea page and sending me the detailed information for most of the churches in that same page.

Architecture Project Ltd For permission to use their page: for the pictures and info about the chapel in Villa Cagliares of Zejtun.

Joseph Galea 1941 article in SCIENTIA: Information about the Chapel of St Nicholas at Mtarfa.

'The Graveyards of Gallipoli' website for information about Military Cemeteries in Malta.

'Malta Family History' web site for permission to use material from the page: 'Churches used by the British Forces for Marriages'

Jasmine Grech For permission to use web shots from different YouTube presentations and photos especially the insides of churches and chapels.

Malta Churches and Chapels A web site run by Arthur Britch from the aspect of appreciation of the Baroque Architecture in our Churches and Chapels. For permission to include some pictures of chapels, especially his architectural drawings of some of the chapels in the Art section.

Joseph Zammit Of Gozo, for permission to use some of his pictures of Gozitan churches from his online albums 'Gozofreezeframe' on the Picasa sites.

Ramblers association of Malta website - For some pictures of wayside chapels around the islands. For the drawing of, and information about the Principi Sayd chapel at Santi area. set up by an amateur group of hikers who map their walks and take photos. - For various shots of countryside chapels.

Tony Bonello for permission to use pictures of Dingli Troglodytic church Simblija, and Immaculate Conception chapel l-Ahrax Mellieha.

Pierre Axiaq Permission to capture photos of chapels from his website.

Arnold Sciberras for permission to use some of his pictures posted online.

Mario Mizzi for permission to use some of his pictures posted online.

Fiona Vella Permission to use inside picture of chapel of The Presentation of Our Lady in Valletta from her blog.

Joseph Mizzi for sending me and giving me permission to use some of his pictures and information about the church of St Lucy and also other information about chapels around Kerchem Gozo.

Profs. Michael Buhagiar for information about Zabbar and Wied il-Ghajn Catacombs and for use of pictures of chapels posted on Facebook. Also for photos of Our Lady of Mercy Chapel photos from the 1960s.

'Heritage'. Encyclopaedia of Maltese culture and civilization. for Troglodytic Churches

'Kappelli Maltin' Facebook spot friends:

Anthony Arpa

Dorian Attard

Stefania Attard Portughese

Gordon Baldacchino

Michael Balzia

Anthony Bartolo Parnis

Hose' Borg

Massimo Borg

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Lance Anthony Brown

Dominic Cachia

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Marisa Calleja

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Silvan Spagnol

Matthew Tonna Gilford

Joe Vella

Nino Xerri

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Andrei Zammit

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Luke Micallef

Neville Attard

for the great volume of information about chapels and / or permission to use their pictures of chapels from all around the islands.

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