Victoria - Melbourne:
People from Hamrun Malta who are living around Melbourne have a St.Cajetan society and they celebrate the Saint's feast for three days. The church functions are held in the St.Theresa church of Essendon while the outside festivities with a procession with a replica of the Saint's statue in Hamrun, give a hint as to how these emigrants used to celebrate in their native town of Hamrun. They also have marching bands and other festivities.
New South Wales - Sydney:
Emigrants from Hamrun Malta to N.S.W. took their devotion of St.Cajetan with them to such an extent as to celebrate his feast and a full procession with a scaled down replica of the Hamrun statue of the Saint. Festivities always end with fireworks like back in Malta. The procession used to be done from St.Patrick parish in Blacktown but nowadays the Maltese immigrants have gone one step further: They built a centre for Hamrun immigrants in the suburb of Marsden Park. A chapel dedicated to St.Cajetan has now also been built in the ample property and the celebrations are held here with the statue having a permanent place of its own.
South Australia - Adelaide:
Members of the Adelaide Maltese seniors club from Hamrun Malta decided that they too should start celebrating the feast of San Gejtanu. They acquired the services of the band 'Maltese Queen of Victories' of S.Australia, organized marches, food and song, while the use of a statue of the Saint lent to them by G. Grech was much appreciated.