Alagoas - Jacuipe:
Parish Church of Sao Caetano.
Bahia - Sao Salvador da Bahia:
Parish of Sao Caetano da Divina Providencia - 1972.
Bahia - Tijuco:
In 1943, the Salesian order built a church dedicated to Sao Caetano on the site of an older one from the 18th century which was pulled down in 1864.
Ceara - Naraniu:
In 1755 Joao da Cunha Gadelha, gave some of his land in Naraniu' for the building of a church which was eventually dedicated to Sao Caetano. Lately, the historical significance of this church was recognized by the authorities and it was restored in a proper manner for the population. Pictures on Right.....
Ceara - Varzea Alegre:
Church of Sao Caetano 1800
Goias - Luziana:
Church of Sao Caetano.
Mato Grosso do Sul - Campo Grande:
In the sacristy of the parish church of the Three Kings at Campo Grande:
two panels dated 1798, one representing Nossa Senhora da Conceicao, Santo Antonio and Sao Marcal, and the other showing the Crucified Christ with Sao Caetano.
Minas Gerais - Amarantina:
Main Parish church of Sao Caetano in the Monsenhor Horta district. Built in 1752, it has a traditional Portuguese colonial style and is richly decorated in the Baroque inside.
Minas Gerais - Belo Horizonte:
Sao Caetano Parish church in the village of Moeda Velha.
Sao Caetano do Paraopeba district formed in 1850.
Minas Gerais - Brasopolis:
Parish church dedicated to Sao Caetano (da Vargem Grande). Pictures Below......
Minas Gerais - Cipotanea:
Parish church Sao Caetano dedicated in 1857. Pictures Below.
Turn of the century church
Minas Gerais - Cristiano Ottoni:
Built in the 19th century it took the place of an earlier Sao Caetano church that existed in nearby Paraoeba. Picture Right.
Minas Gerais - Mariana - Monsenhor Horta:
Parish Church of Sao Caetano with two bell towers on the facade. Picture Right....
Minas Gerais - Moeda:
Small mining town with church of Sao Caetano. Picture Right......
Minas Gerais - Nova Era:
Modern style Parish Church of Sao Caetano. Picture on the Right......
Minas Gerais - Paraopeba:
Sao Caetano do Paraopeba district formed in 1850
Para - Sao Caetano de Olivelas (municipality):
Sao Caetano Parish church started by Jesuit missionaries during colonial times. Picture Right......
Pernambuco - Betania:
Modest whitewashed church of Sao Caetano. Picture Right...
Pernambuco - Caetes:
Church of Sao Caetano. Picture Right...
Pernambuco - Sao Caetano:
Sao Caetano da Raposa district created on the 2nd May 1844. Sao Caetano Parish Church.
Ponta Grossa:
Forte Sao Caetano: An old Battery, nowadays barely visible, built in 1740 as part of the defenses of the North Bay.
Rio de Janeiro:
Monastery church of St.Benedict: Chapel of Sao Caetano.
Rio de Janeiro - Sumidouro:
Barrio of Sao Caetano and close by is Sao Caetano rock. This rock or hill is of 2km diameter and is topped with vegetation.
Rio Grande do Sul - Boca do Monte:
Parish created in 1953 with patron
Sao Caetano.
Rio Grande do Sul - Doutor Ricardo:
The parish church here is dedicated to Sao Caetano and is built in neo-gothic style.

Rio Grande do Sul - Erechim:
Simple but modern church dedicated to Sao Caetano.

Rio Grande do Sul - Garibaldi:
Chapel of Sao Caetano.
Rio Grande do Sul - Linha Guerra:
Built in 1900/04, It was at first dedicated to Santo Antonio then it was rededicated to both Sao Caetano and Santo Antonio. The present structure is from 1960 and can take a congregation of 113. The bells, which are from the first church, were made in Madeira.
Rio Grande do Sul - Nova Esperanca do Sul:
Parish Church of Sao Caetano. In stone and Spanish style this church was built by Italian immigrants. Picture Right.....
Rio Grande do Sul - Santa Maria:
Parish church of Sao Caetano.
Rio Grande do Sul - Severiano de Almeida:
Settled by Italian immigrants, a church was built dedicated to Sao Caetano which is now considered to be one of the most beautiful in the state.
Rio Grande do Sul - Viamao:
In the church of the Immaculate Conception: On the altar of our Lady of Sorrows, is a statue of Sao Caetano.
Sao Paulo:
In the Metropolitan area of Sao Paulo alone, there are twelve streets named for Sao Caetano.
Sao Paulo - Santos:
An old church by South American standards, this Sao Caetano parish church was built in 1640.
Sao Paulo - Sao Caetano do Sul:
A city named after Sao Caetano founded in 1631 with a Parish Church of Sao Caetano. The first chapel dedicated to Sao Caetano was built 1717 - 1720. The actual temple was started in 1883 by Italian immigrants. Completed with its belfry in 1908, it was declared a Parish church in 1924. In 1965 it was declared a heritage site while in 1992, archaeological excavations brought to light the floor of the 1777 chapel, part of which floor is now exhibited on one side of the church.
Large outdoor statue of Sao Caetano in Chico Mendez park and a
Sao Caetano Cemetery. Pictures Below Right.
Sagrada Familia Church: Beautiful statue of the Saint donated by the family of Caetano Coppini in 1932 on an altar dedicated to the Saint. Pictures Below.
Also in the city one can find:
Top Brazilian soccer team Sao Caetano; Hospital Sao Caetano; Philharmonic orchestra Sao Caetano.
Sao Paulo - Santo Antonio do Pinhal:
In the 'Barrio' of Rio Preto, a small chapel dedicated to Sao Caetano.
Sao Paulo - Tatuape:
Beautiful and colourful Church of Sao Caetano with an ample parvis in front.