Antioquia - La Ceja:
San Cayetano Quarter and Parish: Founded in what was called "The streets of the dead," a prosperous Mr Aristizabal purchased the Minor Basilica of Nuestra Senora del Carmen and built ten houses in the area which he called San Cayetano. In 1964 construction began on the Chapel of San Cayetano, which was elevated to parish status in 1968. The building of the Parish was driven by the parishioners through festivities, then organized by the Community Action Board, which also created a school a rectory, a cemetery and also organized the streets
Antioquia - Medellin:
Church of San Cayetano.
Atlantico - Baranoa:
San Cayetano quarter of Baranoa.
Bogota - Tauramena:
After being burnt down in the war of the 1950's, the San Cayetano church was built in the early 60's when the town rose from the ashes.
Bogota - Santa Fe de Bogota:
In the old church of Sta.Barbara in the chapel of Maria Auxiliadora, there is an oil on canvas picture of San Cayetano by an anonymous painter of the 18th century.
In the church of St.John of God is a painting of San Cayetano having a vision of Our Lady and Baby Jesus. The size of this oil on canvas is 220cm x 136cm and was painted by Joaquin Gutierrez.
Bogota - Santa Fe de Bogota - Boyaca:
Parish of San Cayetano in rural Bogota in a rain forest setting.
Bolivar - San Juan de Nepomuceno:
Institute of Education San Cayetano.
Caldas - Marquetalia:
Hospital San Cayetano.
Municipality of San Cayetano. On the 13th May 1999 the governor of Cundinamarca ordered the evacuation of the 161 families who lived in this municipality to avoid a catastrophe being brought by a mudslide which was slowly demolishing streets, houses and property. The people of San Cayetano were relocated in temporary camps while a new San Cayetano was being built further up the mountain in a safe location. The Cundinamarca government did its best to resettle the inhabitants in the new town.

Also in Cudinamarca: Integrated Departemental College San Cayetano.
Church of San Cayetano which has a statue of the Saint.
Norte de Santander:
Valley of San Cayetano area elevated to Parish status in 1773. This same area is full of historical happenings over the years including battles. The area is also sitting on a geological fault.
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Norte de Santander - Cucuta:
Municipality San Cayetano founded in 1733, one of the oldest in Colombia with San Cayetano church.
Risaralda - Pereira:
Church of San Cayetano.
Risaralda - San Luis:
One of this area's touristic places is the chapel of San Cayetano.
Santander - Confines:
Church of San Cayetano.
Santander - Guapota:
Church of San Cayetano.
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Santander - Bucaramanga:
This San Cayetano church was built as a parish church in March 1968 and entrusted to the Carmelite Fathers. Its first pastor, Father Pascual Sanchez, began construction of the temple and the curial house. Later when the Carmelite Fathers left Bucaramanga the secular parish clergy took over.
Santander - Oiba:
Parish church of San Cayetano opened in 1770 to cater for natives, white farmers and mestizos. It was completely finished with side naves and belfry added in 1792.
Valle del Cauca:
San Cayetano Brick factory.
Valle del Cauca - Santiago de Cali:
Church of San Cayetano in an urban area.
The old church TOP LEFT