Czech Republic
An oil painting of the Extasy of Sv.Kajetan by Karel Skreta painted in 1665.
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On Charles bridge, Prague's most celebrated structure: One of 22 statues, Sv.Kajetan here stands in front of a column of cherubs while holding a heart. Behind the statue, a triangle symbolizes the Holy Trinity. The statues were put on the bridge in the period 1707-14. The Jesuits who master-minded the plan for the decoration of the bridge, thought that saints linked to the national traditions or to the Counter Reformation period, were more suited to their efforts to re-catholicize Bohemia, than the twelve Apostles. Pictures Right.....
Charles Bridge Museum: Sculptor Ferdinand Brokoff's 'bozzetto' drawing of how the column and statue of St Kajetan was going to be done. Inscription on the book in the Saint's hands is the quotation from Matthew Ch6: Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. On a pedestal is inscribed: Saint Kajetan Thiene founder of the order of Clerks Regular.
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Right at the foot of the prominent and historical castle of Prague is the church of Sveti Kajetan which was built between 1691 and 1717. Pictures below......
Brno - Turany:
Statue of Sv. Kajetan with Christ crucified.
Cesky Krumlov:
In the square of the town there is a Baroque column with the statue of Our Lady on top. Around the column are various statues of Saints and in one of the base niches there is the one of Heilige Kajetan.