Bavaria - Wolfring:
For over 300 years, a procession was organized from Freihols and Wolfring, two small villages in Bavaria. Around the late 17th century, a terrible cattle disease was raging in the area and Farmers sought the intercession of St Kajetan in their distress. The disease petered out soon after and believers kept the promise of their ancestors to this day. The council of the municipality of Schmidgaden introduced, among some new street names for 1986, one called "Kajetanweg" in honour of our Saint.

An old chapel dedicated to St.Kajetan in a monastery yard.
Kleinenberg - Nachtrichten:
Small chapel: Statue of S.Caietaner inside on one of the walls with an inscription in German, translated: Founder of the Theatines who owns and seeks to own nothing. The statue stands on a pedestal in a brown habit, showing the saint holding a book with a skull on top, in his hands .
In St.Kajetan Strasse. (street): St.Kajetan Basilica (1677) called Theatinerkirche in High Baroque style in cruciform shape attributed to A.Barelli. The facade was done later by F.Couvillies in Late Rococo style. Worthy of note is the altar dedicated to St.Kajetan with the titular painting by J.Von Sandrat 1667-1671. There is also a monastery attached to the church.