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San Gaetano is the secondary Patron Saint of the Diocese of Piazza Armerina.
Agrigento - Canicatti':
In the main church of the town, an oil on canvas depicting San Gaetano during his vision. Picture Right......
Alessandria - Astrata:
Little church and feast of the patron San Gaetano.
Alessandria - Castellar Guidobono:
Church and feast of the Patron San Gaetano. Picture Right...
Ancona - Iesi:
San Gaetano retirement home.
Ancona - Loreto:
Museo Pinacoteca: Canvas of The Virgin handing Baby Jesus to San Gaetano painted by Mauro Gandolfi. Picture Top Right...

Museum of the Holy House, a collection of works of art and faith, located on the first floor of the Apostolic Palace. Picture Bottom Right...
Ancona - Church of Sta.Maria Nuova:
San Gaetano Oratory. Within, there is an unusual painting of St.Anne showing Baby Mary to a kneeling San Gaetano. St.Joachim is behind the group. On a book at their feet is written: 'Pater vester qui in coelis est vos pascit et vestit'. The idea behind this depiction must have surely been our Saint's great devotion towards Our Lady.
Ancona - Church of SS nicander and Marcian:
Oil on canvas, 230 x 150 cm, eighteenth century restored recently. This painting which is by a unknown artist, shows the Virgin surrounded by a large mantle offering the Divine Child to San Gaetano. These are surrounded by Angels. The canvas shows a large lesion in the upper right corner and minor tears scattered throughout the paint film with an accumulation of dust caused by the collapse during an earthquake.
Left Before Right After Restoration
Aquila - Avezzano:
Canvas of San Gaetano by Carnevali of Rome.
Aquila - Goriano Valli:
Church of San Gaetano which previously was dedicated to Our Lady of the Pool.
Aquila - Navelli:
Church of Our Lady of the Rosary: One of the six side altars is dedicated to San Gaetano. It was erected by the family Piccoli whose coats of arms are sculptured on the sides.
Aquila - Pratola Peligna:
Palazzo Tedeschi: Inside, a chapel dedicated to San Gaetano of Divine Providence.
Aquila - Rocca Pia:
In this little mountain village which lies in an area called San Gaetano, there exist the ruins of a castle blown in half by an explosion during WWII. The middle part which blew up contained a private chapel dedicated to San Gaetano which in turn gave the name to the area.
Aquila - Sulmona:
Church of San Gaetano. A restoration project on this church has unearthed an archaeological site of interest. It shows that the first building on the site was a Roman dwelling from about 200B.C. Six rooms have been unearthed with geometric mosaic floors. Above these there are also signs of use in medieval times.
Aquila - Tagliacozzo:
Church & Convent of St.Francis: Behind the presbitery of the church, there are many canvases which used to hang over the baroque altars, one of them being that of St.Joseph of Cupertino and San Gaetano painted by Giuseppe Ranucci, student of Sebastiano Conca.
Arezzo - Cortona:
Duomo of Our Lady of the Assumption: Canvas showing the Blessed Virgin with Baby Jesus and San Gaetano painted by Giovanni Maria Moranti.
Ascoli Piceno - Porto San Giorgio:
San Gaetano Institute run by the Poor sisters of San Gaetano.
Asti - Cantarana:
A small spring used for irrigation, named after San Gaetano.
Avellino - Calabritto:
Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snows: On one of the side naves is a Sculpture of San Gaetano.
Avellino - Forino:
In this area exist many votive depictions of Saints outside, on ceramic tiles. This particular one has Our Lady of Carmel with Child Jesus, St.Nicholas performing a miracle, and San Gaetano who also has Baby Jesus in his arms. The work is from the turn of the 20th century, is made up of 4 tiles and stands in a niche a little way out of the village centre.
Avellino - Guardia dei Lombardi:
Feast with defilee' of floats pulled by oxen, full of sheaves of wheat and adorned with flowers, in honour of San Gaetano. Festivities include an agricultural and farm fair, bands and fireworks.
Avellino - Lapio:
Church of St.Catherine: Here used to exist a 1659 canvas by Angelo Solimena showing the Blessed Virgin, San Gaetano and St.Nicholas, a painting which is nowadays lost.
Avellino - Montecalvo Irpino:
Actually in this municipality there are 2 Churches dedicated to St. Gaetano Thiene, something unique in the world.

San Gaetano Church #1: This church of was built by F.Battimelli in 1653 near a castle. There is the tomb of the family Bozzutti located in the church. In 1689, Cardinal Orsini ordered a fresco done showing San Gaetano, outside just over the entrance. It was under the right of patronage of the family Bozzuti. Damaged in the 1702 earthquake, the church was restored in the beginning of the 1800's. The altar from the 1700's is made from a single block of stone sculptured by Menichello and dedicated to San Gaetano. Due to fresh tremors, the church is in a precarious state of decay but restoration is possible, in fact restoration is scheduled for 2010.
San Gaetano Church #2: Forming part of the vast building complex of the Masseria Stisciain Malvizza area, centrally located and easily accessible, the church was built following the Royal Decree of 19 August 1797 of His Majesty Ferdinand IV of Bourbon. The agreement was signed with the then Count Carafa of Montecalvo Sigismund, from the family of Pietro Carafa, who with Gaetano was the founder of the Theatines. The church was consecrated ll November l805. Inside one can find a wooden statue of San Gaetano with Child Jesus, and an old font - both from the 18th century.
Avellino - Montella:
In the church of Santa Maria del Monte also known as Our Lady of Snows, there is an ornate altar with a small statue of San Gaetano. This church is part of a convent. On each side of the statue are 5 panels showing instances from the Saint's life. Picture Right...
Avellino - Montemiletto:
Patron San Gaetano.
Avellino - Piani di San Pietro:
Small country church dedicated to San Gaetano. His statue is taken out around the streets of the area in procession on His feast day.
Avellino - Solofra:
In a church dedicated to the Pieta' (now demolished), there used to be a chapel dedicated to San Gaetano.
In the church of San Biagio adjacent to a monastery, amongst other 17th Century paintings is one of San Gaetano probably by Agostino Beltrano.
Avola - Montoro Inferiore:
In the church of Our Lady of Carmel, San Gaetano in shown together with other saints as part of the decoration on the consecrated main altar itself.
Church of San Gaetano: Closed to public worship and holding historical church vestments as part of a chain of Museums belonging to the Bari Archdiocese.
Bari - Acquaviva delle Fonti:
The Bishop of Acquaviva took the initiative for the restoration of some old paintings in the Cathedral. One of these shows 'San Gaetano calming the crowds'. This work is attributed to Nicola Gliri, a student of Carlo Rosa. In the picture, our Saint points at the Scripture passage "Look at the birds in the air, observe the lilies of the field" and to this is added the visual touch of birds and an opening lily on the painting.
Bari - Barletta:
Church of San Gaetano and adjacent convent were erected between 1600 and 1667 with the donations by local nobility and the municipality. The apse is surrounded with paintings from the 18th century depicting Gaetano's life.
Bari - Bitonto:
San Gaetano church belonging to his order of Theatines. Corner stone laid 6th December 1609 on plan by Tatini for church and monastery. It has a panelled wooden ceiling with paintings by Carl Rosa in 1665. In the centre panel one can see San Gaetano with San Andrea and San Nicola.
Pictures Right......
Also in Bitonto: Piazza Cavour previously called Piazza San Gaetano.
Bari - Castellanagrotte:
Church of San Leonardo: First altar on the right has a canvas by Fato showing Our Lady sitting on colourful clouds with San Gaetano and St.Teresa of Avila at Her feet.
Bari - Corato:
Canvas of San Gaetano by an anonymous painter showing the Saint receiving Baby Jesus from Mother Mary.
Bari - Giovinazzo:
Oil on canvas of San Gaetano by Carl Rosa from the 17th century in the church of the Carmel.
Bari - Locorotondo:
Church of Our Lady of Sorrows: Late 17th century statue of San Gaetano
Bari - Mola:
After a month's work, the restoration of the San Gaetano statue in the church of St.Mary Magdalen is ready.
Bari - Molfetta:
In the church of the Purgatory, as one enters to the left is the chapel dedicated to San Gaetano Thiene. The altar of carved stone built by Buonpensiero was demolished and rebuilt in the eighteenth century with the baroque style that we see. This was recently restored. The pala dĺ─˘altare contains a valuable oil painting on canvas by an unknown author, probably of the seventeenth century, depicting the Saint with the Gospel of Matthew opened on a lectern. Pictures Below...
Bari - Rutigliano:
Cathedral of Santa Maria della Colonna: Wooden sculpture of San Gaetano.
Bari - Trani:
San Gaetano Street.
San Gaetano Orphanage.
Belluno - Bribanet di sedico:
In the Oratory of San Nicolo' there is an oil on canvas painting of unknown provenance, showing San Gaetano holding Baby Jesus. On one side is a sprig of lilies to denote purity.
Belluno - Domegge di Cadore:
A quaint little San Gaetano church with a drive through porch and a belltower on the other side of the road, on the way up the mountains north of Domegge di Cadore.
Belluno - Voltago Agordino:
Church and feast of San Gaetano.
San Gaetano Hospital and San Gaetano street.
Thiene Palace and Contrada San Gaetano.
Recently the decoration of the four bays of the vault of the church of Sant'Agata, came to light. The ceiling has preserved almost intact the beauty of these paintings under layers of dirt and dust. Research for the Department of Art School these works tells us that the artist was Varese Salvatore Bianchi dating from the early eighteenth century. These Rococo style paintings are dedicated to St Gaetano Thiene.
Bergamo - Brembilla:
A beautiful mountain church dedicated to San Gaetano has a tall belfry on the left of its facade.

Bergamo - Curno:
The feast of San Gaetano is held in Curno every year. Two groups, one of which is the Alpine group, organize his feast which lasts until September 6 and includes dancing, games and gastronomy.

Bergamo - Gandino:
In the church of San Carlo, one can find an oil on canvas painting of San Gaetano. It is 285 X 184cm and was painted by David, Ludovico Antonio in 1677. Surrounding Christ on the cross it also depicts, Saints Placido and Gertrude, Blesseds Marinoni and Mauro, and above, Candida and Tecla.
Bergamo - Monte Bronzone:
St.Mark Church: San Gaetano shown in stucco on a wall of the nave.
Bergamo - Sedrina:
A mountain niche of Our Lady, San Gaetano and St.Anthony of Padova.
Bergamo - Sovere:
Church of St.Mary and St.Elizabeth: Canvas of San Gaetano of the school of F.Cappella from the 17th century.
Bergamo - Valpredina:
A little mountain church dedicated to San Gaetano.
Bergamo - Verdello:
Church of All Souls in Ravarolo: In the walls two painted niches, the one on the right showing San Gaetano.
Parish church of San Gaetano has recently had its 40th anniversary.
Chapel of the Hospital: Canvas by U.Gandolfi in 1775 showing Our Lady and San Gaetano receiving Baby Jesus from Her hands.
Church of the Incoronata: Painting by Gianbattista Grati showing Our Lady with Baby Jesus and Saint Francis and San Gaetano.
Church of San Bartolomeo and San Gaetano also called the Basilica of the two towers. Inside a painting of San Gaetano by L.Massari. Pictures Right.

Holy picture of San Gaetano issued to devotees from the above church long ago. Below Left.
Bologna - Casalecchio di Reno - Riale:
A small Oratory of San Gaetano within the property of Casa Minelli. Until the Church of San Luigi Gonzaga was built, this Oratory was put at the disposal of the faithful of Riale since the nearest church was a fairly long way off.
Bologna - Minebrio:
Probably constructed at the turn of the 18th century, this very simply built Oratory has the coat of arms of Count Cavazza whose family donated the building to the Parish of St.Martin in 1997. Recently restored, the oratory has a titular picture of San Gaetano.
Bologna - Monteacuto:
Chapel dedicated to San Gaetano with a canvas showing the Saint in the act of accepting Baby Jesus from Mary.
Bologna - Murri:
Parish church of San Gaetano lately celebrating its 25th Anniversary of being Consecrated.
Bologna - Riale:
Oratory of San Gaetano in Casa Minelli in the village of Casalecchio di Reno.
Bologna - Sant'Agata:
Church of St.Nicholas: 1654 canvas of San Gaetano by Pacecco de Rosa. Framed in carved and gilded wood, it shows figures of the Blessed Virgin, Child Jesus, St.Dominic, San Gaetano, some angels and the devil who is biting his own fingers
Bologna - Savigno:
'Asilo' San Gaetano - an orphanage named after our Saint.
Bologna - Serravalle:
The San Gaetano Oratory was built approximately in 1689-90 as the church of San Giacomo. Inside it has three altars. The titular picture on the main altar dated around 1750, shows San Gaetano being presented to the Virgin Mary. Of value in the church, there is also a wooden statue of the Saint by G.Baseggio. In 1944, the Germans used the church as a food store for their army.
Bologna - Silla:
In the sacristy of the modern church of Our Lady of Fatima there is a 19th century painting done by I.A.Calvi showing Our Lady with Baby Jesus and San Gaetano, also the Souls of purgatory.
San Gaetano church, titular by Gian Filippo Ussellini (1936).
Monastery of The Holy Cross: San Gaetano and Sister Laura Mignani. Painting by J.Paglia.
Also in Brescia, according to documents, in 1849 there used to be a minor Hospital called San Gaetano.

Church of St.Sebastian: Antonio Buoco, a sculptor native of Brescia, in 1748 started building the rococo surroundings of the altar of San Gaetano. The oil on canvas painting of the Saint shows Our Lady with the Christ Child and San Gaetano. This 1700 painting was inspired by the one in the Brescia San Gaetano church painted by Filippo Maria Galletti. The marble altar was installed in 1756.
Brescia - Avenone:
Small church of San Antonio da Padova and San Gaetano. Built in rounded Baroque style, it has a doorway in local black stone.
Brescia - Botticino:
San Gaetano church built in 1588 by G.Todeschini and dedicated to Our Lady of Peace. Restored in 1663, it was renamed San Gaetano by the Theatines. It was enlarged behind the main altar and four side chapels were added in 1745. The facade of the church was altered in the late 1800's.
Brescia - Caino:
Copy of a canvas of Florentine artist Filippo Maria Galletti from the mid' 1700's in the church of San Zenone. The painting shows San Gaetano of Thiene and the figures of San Zenone and the pastor of the time.
Brescia - Castello di Serle:
Parish church of San Gaetano founded in 1691 by theinhabitants of the area as shown on a plaque on the fał▀ade. Inside one can find some stuccos of the same era and an anonymous oil on canvas showing San Gaetano adoring Baby Jesus in the arms of Our Lady.
Brescia - Gardone:
A generous donation by the family Brunori made possible the restoration of a 17th century painting by Bernardino Podavini. The painting in its original frame, shows Our Lady with Child Jesus, San Gaetano da Thiene, San Luigi Gonzaga, St.Joseph and a Bishop who might well be San Carlo Borromeo. The Church of San Marco houses this work of art.
Brescia - Malegno:
Street named for San Gaetano.
Statue of San Gaetano in the local church is taken out in procession on certain occasions (7 Aug. 2004, it was taken out to implore God to send rain).
Brescia - Milzano:
Church of San Biagio built 1606: Canvas by Celesti showing Our Lady of Carmel, San Firmo and San Gaetano.
Brescia - Montichiari:
'Pieve' Church of San Pancrazio: Last altar on the left, in marble, dedicated to San Gaetano.
Brescia - Padernello:
In the local church: In the Altar of San Gaetano, a relic from San Urbano I Pope and Martyr.
Brescia - Palazzolo:
In St.Paul's Basilica, the fourth altar on the left is dedicated to San Gaetano. This 18th century altar has a canvas depicting the Saint in his Vision surrounded by a particular style of ornate sculpture which makes it unique architecturally.
Brescia - Pertica Bassa:
In this small mountain village is a small church of San Gaetano.
Brescia - Pezzaze (Avano):
The Church of San Gaetano, began to be built about 1747, was blessed by Fr Peter Rampinelli of the Theatines and opened for worship in 1751. It has part of the facade dating from the 1500s. On the altar is a fresco dating from 1750, done by Avano and showing the Madonna and Child and San Gaetano. Pictures Top Right...
In Pezzaze parish church of St Apollonius, a popular fresco image of San Gaetano, particularly revered in Avano Pezzaze. Picture Bottom Right...
Brescia - Preseglie:
Church of San Gaetano in the locality 'Le Chiese'.
Brescia - Puegnano (Lago di Garda):
San Gaetano Thiene Church. Built in 1711, the church is privately owned.
Brescia - Travagliato:
In 1731, the family of Marquis Rampinelli built a chapel for their palace which later became the San Gaetano Oratory. The family commissioned Lodovico Cominelli in the 1960s to restore and in some places paint afresh the scenes from the life of the Saint which had deteriorated considerably from the 18th century. The titular picture of Our Lady with San Gaetano and some angels has been stored in a safe place.
Brescia - Villa Carcina:
In the Parish Church of San Giacomo: Our Lady with Baby Jesus and San Gaetano, a canvas which is in need of restoration.
Brescia - Fasano:
In the Church of St Francis dePaul, a painting showing San Gaetano and St Andrea was returned to its place recently after it was restored.

Brindisi - Francavilla-Fontana:
In the church of St Sebastian, there is an oil on canvas painting by Diego Oronzo Bianchi. This stands above an altar dedicated to the Saint. Picture Right......

Brindisi - Ostuni:
Guglia di San Oronzo: San Gaetano is one of the saints who protected the town from famine and plague and were sculptured on this memorial.
Picture Right.
Also in Ostuni: In the Co-Cathedral of Sta Maria Assunta: Altar in side chapel dedicated to San Gaetano.
Brindisi - Torre Santa Susanna:
In the church of St Nicholas, a painting of San Gaetano in Glory surrounded by multitudes of people imploring his intercession.
Cagliari - Pirri:
In the parish museum of St.Peter Apostle, among other works of art is a painting done around 1770 by Francesco Massa. The subject is San Gaetano holding Baby Jesus and the figures on this small 62 X 50cm painting, stand sharply on a dark background.
Cagliari - Quartucciu:
The church of San Gaetano of Thiene in Corongiu locality of Flumini, currently not consecrated, ignored for a long time and in a state of complete disrepair. Picture Right.
Campobasso - Matese:
Church of St.James Major: Chapel of San Gaetano with a multi coloured marble altar.
Campobasso - Pietracatella:
Church of Sta.Maria di Costantinopoli: One of the four wooden statues in side nave niches, is of San Gaetano.
Caserta - Arpino:
Parish church of St.Andrew: San Gaetano's altar is the first one on the right.
Caserta - Aversa:
In the Sacristy of the Church of the Convent of San Biagio: A 17th century painting of San Gaetano attributed to Agostino Beltrano.
Caserta - Capua:
In the first quarter of the 16th century, the Teatines dedicated the church of San Eligio to San Gaetano their founder.
Caserta - Curti:
Church of St.Peter: Altar dedicated to San Gaetano.
Caserta - Gioia Sannitica:
Church of the Holy Trinity: Altar decorated with a canvas depicting the Holy Trinity, St.Anthony Abbot and San Gaetano.
Caserta - Mondragone:
Parish church of San Gaetano.
Caserta - San Felice a Cancello:
In the Parish Church of San Felice, a chapel dedicated to San Gaetano.
Church of 'San Gaetano alle grotte' is named for the caves which lie beneath. These could have been used as catacombs by the early Christians. Here we find a small chapel with a font where baptisms used to be celebrated. The state of the murals is in bad shape. The first church at ground level was built in 260A.D. and was dedicated to St.Mary of Bethlehem. Destroyed by the Saracens, it was rebuilt in the 11th century. In 1608 it was dedicated to San Gaetano. Again destroyed in 1674, it was rebuilt in 1800. It has a main altar and two minor ones on each side. The facade outside is slightly convex, is surrounded with an iron fence and has a niche containing the statue of San Gaetano with Baby Jesus in his arms.

In the Church (Duomo) of Santa Agatha where one can also find the tomb of the composer Vincenzo Bellini, there is a canvas done at the turn of the 18th century by G.Tuccari, showing Our Lady of Graces, San Gaetano and St.Philip Neri. Picture Right.
Seaside Parish church 'San Gaetano alla Marina.' Picture Below.
Street named after San Gaetano.

Catania - Acicatena:
A small church dedicated to St Lucy and San Gaetano.

Catania - Acireale:
Etching of San Gaetano 12.5 x 9cm with a note written below out of the field: 'S.Gaetano - Near Filippo Spano'.
Catania - Acitrezza:
Church of St.John Baptist: Canvas by Matteo Desiderato (1750 - 1827) showing Our Lady of the Rosary with San Gaetano on one side and Sta.Caterina of Siena on the other.
Catania - Bronte:
Church of St.Anthony: Canvas of San Gaetano Thiene, painted in 1821 by the local painter Giuseppe Dinaro. On the right...
Church of Our Lady of Shelter: As one enters on one's right, the altar of San Gaetano.
Catania - Caltagirone:
Duomo of St.Julian: Canvas of San Gaetano on the left side.
Catania - Forza d-Agro:
Church of the Annunciation and the Assumption of Mary: The sacred stone of San Gaetano and a bas relief of the Saint in white marble.

Church of the Oratory of St Philip Neri. Painting of San Gaetano holding Baby Jesus. In this same church there is also a relic of San Gaetano. Pictures Below...

Catania - Linguaglossa:
In the Parish Church of Our Lady of Grace: 1877 canvas of San Gaetano during his vision, by the painter Domenico Provenzani, over an altar dedicated to the Saint. Picture Right......
In the adjacent Franciscan convent - A painting of San Gaetano by Lucio Grasso done in 1834.
Catania - Maletto:
In the church of St Anthony of Padova, a statue of San Gaetano made in the 1700's.
Catania - Militello:
Church of Sta.Maria della Stella: A canvas of San Gaetano by Antonio Luciano Scire'.
Catania - Misterbianco:
In the church of Our Lady of Grace, on the second altar on the left is a painting of San Gaetano adoring Baby Jesus in the arms of Our Lady.
Catania - Palagonia:
Parish Church of St.Peter: Second altar on the Left is the one dedicated to San Gaetano da Thiene. The old stone altar has a precious 18th century canvas of the Saint which was lately restored.
Catania - Parco dei Nebrodi:
In San Teodoro in the church of the Assumption of St.Mary, one can find a wooden statue of San Gaetano with Baby Jesus in his arms.

A 19th century church of San Gaetano with a beautiful belfry. Picture Right...

Catania - Randazzo:
Church of the Annunciation of Our Lady: 17th century canvas of San Gaetano by Antonio Bova. This painting used to be in the church of Santa Maria.
Catania - San Pietro Clarenza:
Small San Gaetano church in this village 10km away from Catania. This church went through a number of changes over the decades. Pictures below.
Left 1800's

Right 1940's
Catania - Viagrande:
San Gaetano street.
Catanzaro - Taverna:
Church of Sta.Barbara: Canvas by Mattia Preti showing Our Lady of Loreto with San Gaetano and San Franceso di Paola.
Church of San Gaetano: Restoration of baroque stuccos by Gianbattista Gianni. In 1624 October 21, San Gaetano was proclaimed patron of the city of Chieti and in 1655 the foundation of a church dedicated to him was laid. In 1700 the church assumed its present appearance and in 1937 its first restoration was done by the Superintendency of Aquila. In 2009, the church was again being restored. The facade is bare and whitewashed with the portal without frames.The interior has the shape of a Greek Cross and a small hemispherical dome which is frescoed. Picture Top Right...
Cathedral of San Giustino: Chapel of San Gaetano erected in 1738 with a canvas of the Saint by Ludovico de Majo. In this same Cathedral, the Chapel of the Immacolata has an altar-piece done in 1759 by S.Perisco showing Our Lady with St.Nicholas of Bari and San Gaetano at her feet. Picture Bottom Right...
Chieti - Atessa:
Church of San Gaetano in Atessa which is used for art exhibitions.
Chieti - Ripa:
Church of St.Anthony of Padova: A 17th century San Gaetano statue was one of three statues of Saints recently stolen from the church. Picture Right...
Basilica of San Fedele: On the right a chapel previously dedicated to San Gaetano, now to Sta.Rita.
Como - Brenna:
Finished in 1862, the present Parish church is of Baroque style and dedicated to San Gaetano the patron of the town.
Como - Erba:
Parish church of San Maurizio: Chapel dedicated to San Gaetano built in 1746 by Antonio Parravicini. The backlit statue of the Saint holding Baby Jesus stands in a niche above the marble altar. On the sides of the chapel are paintings of San Gaetano during his vision and of the Saint consoling a sick person.

Como - Mezzegra / Azzano:
The oratory of San Gaetano (commonly known as the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows) by lake Como, was built by the Brentano family in 1670. On one side of the nave is the altar of San Gaetano, decorated with a painting of the saint with a lily in his hands. Picture Right...

Como - Osteno:
Oratory of San Gaetano built in 1702.
Como - Ramponio Verna:
A 17th century Oratory dedicated to San Gaetano.
Church of San Gaetano built by the Theatine Fathers probably on a pre-existing church dedicated to St.Joseph, and consecrated 14 June 1624. The Oratorio del Suffragio located below it is a 17th century building that will soon be restored to its former glory and in which traces remain of important murals, frescoes and ceiling decorations. Also in this church, a gilded bust of San Gaetano. Pictures Right......

Also in Cosenza: Ex-Oratory of San Gaetano which dates back to the 1600's and inside, one can find frescos on the walls, wooden ceilings and a very old floor. In the 17th century it was managed by the Confraternity of Our Lady of Suffrage composed of skilled people and businessmen.
Cosenza - Cassano allo Ionio:
Local Cathedral: Altar dedicated to San Gaetano.
Cosenza - Celico:
Church of St.Michael: Statue of San Gaetano from the 1700s.
Cosenza - Cerisano:
In the church of Sta.Maria degli Angeli: An 18th century canvas attributed to Cristoforo Santanna showing San Gaetano between Sta.Lucia and San Francesco di Paola.
Cosenza - Mormanno:
Collegiate church of St.Mary: On the left altar a statue of San Gaetano.
Cosenza - Saracena:
Church of Sta.Maria del Gamio: Canvas of San Gaetano by Giocondo Bissanti.
Cosenza - Scalea:
At the Church of St.Joseph the Worker, the local Bishop inaugurated a modern belfry in 2007, 29 years after the dedication of the church itself. The belfry contains three diamond shaped niches with statues inside. The bottom one is that of San Gaetano and is the work of Gaetano Zuccharello who co-ordinated the project without monetary recompense. Pictures Right......
Cosenza - Trebisacce:
The parishioners of the Madonna degli Infermi church have a statue of San Gaetano which they take out in procession for his feast.
Cosenza - Vaccarizzo Albanese:
Parish church of St.Mary of Constantinople, a church which is unique in that it is Bi-Ritual, Greek and Latin. Has a bust of San Gaetano holding Baby Jesus, which contains a relic of the Saint inside it.
Church of Sant'Abbondio: Second altar on the left has a sculpture representing San Gaetano da Thiene, done by G. Febbrari in the 17th century.
Cremona - Ripalta Cremasca:
Church of St.Michael: On the left wall near the main altar is a painting of Our Lady with Child Jesus and San Gaetano, signed by Racchetti.
Church of Sta.Chiara: Behind the main altar are niches of saints, among which is the one of San Gaetano
Crotone - Caccuri:
In the old parish Church of Sta.Maria delle Grazie, an octagonal Chapel on the right which is presumed to have been the primitive location of a Baptismal font with access to the outside, is now dedicated to San Gaetano. In this church there is also an old tryptich depicting Our Lady and also San Gaetano.
Crotone - Strongoli:
A small rural chapel dedicated to San Gaetano.
Cuneo - Fontanelle:
Church of San Gaetano.
Cuneo - Ruffia:
Small church dedicated to San Gaetano and St.Sebastian.