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Emilia Romagna - Fontanatello:
The San Gaetano / Assunta Oratory is a 16th century church with fabulous Baroque decorations.
Parish church of St. Thomas: One of the major religious feasts in this church used to be that of San Gaetano as is shown a painting above the entrance inside the porch of the parish church.
Enna - Piazza Armerina:
San Gaetano of Thiene is the secondary Patron of the Diocese of Piazza Armerina. Picture Top Right shows a Genuine Antique Litograph Art Print made in Rome in 1843 which is in the possession of this diocese.

On the outside of the church of St Lawrence, there are two lifesize stone statues of San Gaetano, one by himself and the other holding Baby Jesus. Pictures Bottom Right....
Enna - Nicosia:
San Gaetano Street.
Enna - San Biagio Platani:
Church of San Biagio built in 1595 over an old chapel of the Child Mary. After Vatican II, the side altars were replaced with niches, one of which houses a fine wooden statue of San Gaetano installed in 1994 by the faithful.
Church of Sta.Maria dei Teatini e San Gaetano. Inside a painting by C.Maiola, of San Gaetano and his companions professing their solemn vows in front of the Pope. Picture on Right....

In the same church is a painting by F. Galletti, of the saint in his vision.In the church of Sta Maria della Pieta one can find an exquisite statue of San Gaetano holding Baby Jesus, in a simple niche. Below...
Ferrara - Cento:
In the Pinacoteca Civica: An oil on canvas picture of 1775 by Ubaldo Gandolfi showing The Madonna and Child Jesus and San Gaetano. Picture Right...

Also in Cento in the Collegiate Basilica of San Biagio: A canvas by Benedetto Gennari Jr. showing Our Lady with the Infant Christ, San Gaetano, Saint Francis de Paola and St.Catherine of Siena.
Basilica of St.Michael and San Gaetano:
Built in 1604-1658 by Cardinale Carlo dei Medici on site of San Michele Bertelde church dated 1100. It is one of the few completely Baroque churches in Florence still standing. Redesigned in the 17th century by Bernardo Buontalenti it is in the form of a cross with three chapels on each side and lots of black marble. On the sides of the chapels are white marble statues which depict the lives of the apostles. It is flanked by a convent. Because it was built on the San Michele site, it is known as 'San Michele e San Gaetano', that is by both dedications. Pictures on Right...
In the Martelli Chapel of the same Basilica: Matteo Rosselli painting of San Gaetano, San Andrea Avellino and St.Francis of Assisi adoring the Blessed Trinity with Our Lady nearby. St.John Baptist and St.Michael Archangel are in the background. Pictures on the Right......
Choir Dome: Painting by Filippo Maria Galletti showing St.Michael Archangel presenting San Gaetano to the Blessed Trinity. Picture Left....

Faˆßade: A statue of San Gaetano in a niche by sculptor Balthasar Permoser. Picture Right......

Sacristy Ceiling: Pier Dandini's painting of San Gaetano accompanied by 'Faith', presenting the Church to the Blessed Trinity. Picture Left....

Sacristy: A gold and silver reliquary Bust of San Gaetano. Picture Far Right......
Firenze - Osteria Nuova:
Villa Terracini - Surrounded by a huge park, has, attached to the right side of the main house, a Chapel dedicated to San Gaetano which was built by Angelo Bassi in 1851.
Firenze - Signa:
A small oratory dedicated to San Gaetano was restored inside and out in 2003. Now it is again being used for religious functions and church meetings. Pictures Right...
Also in Signa in the church of 'Sta.Maria in Castello': Canvas by Carlo Ferroni on the third altar, depicting the apparition of Our Lady to St.Charles Borromeo, Sta.Catherina di Alessandria and San Gaetano.
Convent of San Gaetano which in its latter days was used as a conservatory of Music, was destroyed in 1943 with most of the city by allied bombing.
Foggia - Biccari:
Parish of San Donato with many statues of Saints. In the latest Eucharistic Congress year, on the 7th of August, the statue of San Gaetano was taken out in procession together with a number of other statues.
Foggia - Daunia di Favola:
Baroque church of St.Nicholas: A canvas of San Gaetano.
Foggia - Lucera:
The church of San Gaetano was from long ago called the Royal Chapel because of its diminutive size. From existing plans we can say it was built around the first half of the 18th century. The simple chapel with a rectangular front and with a dignified inside space recently restored, stands in Sta.Caterina square, in one of the oldest historic quarters of the town. Inside one can find a statue of San Gaetano which, on his feast day, is decorated with grapevine and taken processionally around the town.
Foggia - Sant'Agatha di Puglia:
Church of Saint Nicholas: A painting showing San Gaetano, done in 1654 by Pacecco de Rosa.
Forli - Rocca di Ravaldino:
In the church of St.Anthony Abbot, on the right of the altar of Sta.Rita, there is a canvas of San Gaetano and the Blessed Virgin.
Forli - Sogliano:
Oratorio of the Holy Suffrage. Erected in 1690. Here we can find a canvas done in oil, showing the Holy Family, St.Gregory, San Gaetano and another two Saints.
Frosinone - Arpino:
Parish church of St.Andrew: At the altar of San Gaetano and San Filippo Neri, the two Saints are depicted with the Virgin and Child Jesus, on a canvas of the Neapolitan school dating from the 17th century.
Frosinone - Filettino:
Church of the Assumption of Mary into heaven: In one of the side chapels one can see an oval oil on canvas painting of San Gaetano Thiene with Our Lady and Child Jesus, thought to be the work of Paolo de Matteis.
Frosinone - Golfelice:
Feast of San Gaetano celebrated in the parish church of San Gaetano and St.Joseph.
Another church in the same municipality in the Camponi locality dedicated to San Gaetano.
Frosinone - Roccasecca:
On the feast day of San Gaetano near the church of St.Peter, a very old tradition all be it a bizarre one is celebrated. A pig with a bell tied to one of its legs is hunted down with brooms by blindfolded villagers in weird costumes and bells tied to their legs too! (We are sure our Saint would not have approved of this chaotic masquerade especially on his feast day)
Frosinone - Villafelice:
Church of Sta.Maria Assunta e San Giuseppe: A 1918 statue of San Gaetano 150cm tall, done in papier mache'.
Church of San Siro: Three canvases by Domenico Piola of parts of San Gaetano’Äôs life. In this church there are also wooden sculptures of San Gaetano receiving Baby Jesus from Our Lady, done in the 17th century recently restored.
Church of St.George: In the chapel of San Gaetano restored in 1851 there is a painting of San Gaetano receiving the infant Jesus from Mary. This canvas too was painted by Domenico Piola.
The Basilica of Holy Mary Immaculate has an oil on canvas painting depicting the Madonna and Child with San Gaetano, St Francis, St Charles Borromeo and St Agatha. This painting is by the Domenico Fiasella school.
Genova - Alpe di Vobbia:
Consecrated in 1894, this San Gaetano church is situated high up in the Genovese Alps.
Genova - Biscaccia:
The Archconfraternity of St.Anthony of Padova in the church of the convent of Biscaccia, has this statue of San Gaetano.
Genova - Busalla:
Church of St.George: Statue of San Gaetano and also a canvas of the Virgin Mary appearing to San Gaetano, done by Pietro Raimondi.
Genova - Campo Ligure:
Oratory of the Assumption of Our Lady: Canvas of the Virgin, Jesus and San Gaetano of the Genoese school - 1700s.
Genova - Pieve Ligure:
Small Chapel (Niche) dedicated to San Gaetano, one of the many chapels and niches in this area. It can be found on a street of the same name and is situated looking down on the beautiful gulf of Portofino.
Pictures Right......
Also in Pieve Ligure, in the parish church of St.Michael Archangel, there is an altar of San Gaetano and The Immaculate (Mary).
Genova - Sanpierdarena:
Church of St.John Bosco and San Gaetano. Church and adjoining convent were built for the Theatines in 1595. Church and convent fell into civil possession in 1796 being used as a barracks. In August 1872 both were acquired by the future Saint John Bosco and now in the hands of the Salesians.
Genova - Sestri Levante:
Church of Sta.Maria di Nazareth: Altar of the Immacolata once dedicated to San Gaetano used to contain a painting of the Saint in front of the Blessed Virgin.
Genova - Vallenzona:
Highest in the Genovese Alps, Parish church of Our Lady of Snows and San Gaetano, built in 1843. In 1896, the locals started to build the small belfry themselves. In 1965 it was made the principal church of Vallenzona.
Isernia - Roccamandolfi:
In the church of St Sebastian, a bust of San Gaetano from the end of the 18th century most probably from the church of St James Major. Picture Near Right....
In the church of St James, an altar dedicated to San Gaetano with a statue in a niche above it. Picture Far Right...
Latina - Bassiano:
On top of 'Monte della Trinita' (Trinity mountain), near the Sanctuary of the Trinity (1938), there is a small stone chapel dedicated to San Gaetano. Picture Right...
Latina - Prossedi:
In Piazza Umberto at Prossedi there is a small church dedicated to San Gaetano which is now used as exhibition space.
Church of Sant'Irene: Inside is a Baroque style altar dedicated to San Gaetano founder of the Theatine order. On top of this altar is a mid 17th century oil on canvas painting by Filippo Maria Galletti 'San Gaetano Thiene'.
Lecce - Botrugno:
In the Church of the Confraternity, an oil on canvas done in the second part of the 19th century showing the Assumption of Our Lady and also St.Charles Borromeo and San Gaetano. Picture Right......
Lecce - Carmiano:
Church of St.John Baptist: Canvas of San Gaetano from the 1700s.
Lecce - Guagnano:
An old Masseria (Farmhouse) which was turned into a church of San Gaetano. Picture Right..
Lecce - Maglie (Salento):
The Duomo or Church of the Collegiate: In the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament on the right transept an oval painting on the wall: Our Lady with Baby Jesus and San Gaetano, done by Oronzo Tiso.
Lecce - Parabita:
Church of St.John Baptist: On the sides of the entrance there are two large frescos one of which is of the Blessed Virgin and San Gaetano.
Lecce - Soleto:
Of the four gates to the old city only San Vito remains on the East. San Gaetano used to be the one on the West.
Lecce - Tutino (Tricase):
Church of San Gaetano, also called Congrega: Side altar on right is of San Gaetano who is the co-protector of the town together with St.Anthony of Padova. As one enters the main door one can see the date 1657 inscribed on the right. This Chapel was previously dedicated to St.Nicholas and was built in the 1500's when it had a small belfry. In 1649 it was embellished and in 1882 lenghtened. The mosaic floor was laid in 1888. The main altar has a painting showing Our Lady and St.Nicholas. Pictures Right......
Lecce - Uggiano la Chiesa (Casamassella):
Feast of Patron San Gaetano celebrated with Church Liturgy and outside festivities including a procession, music and fireworks.
Lecce - Vaste (Poggiardo):
In 1720, Gaetano Cino, a priest, built a small church dedicated to San Gaetano near his vineyard. The feast of San Gaetano is still celebrated here.
Lecco - Bosisioparini:
Oratory dedicated to San Gaetano finished in 1836 on the plan of Giacomo Moraglia. It is still in daily use for Mass and other liturgy.
Lecco - Colle Brianza:
14-15th century church of San Gaetano presently is a bad state of decay.
Lecco - Santa Maria Hoe':
Small country church of San Gaetano
Lecco - Valmadrera:
Villa Gavazzi complex: In 1834 a chapel dedicated to San Gaetano was built over a previous oratory of an octagonal shape. The present chapel is a neoclassical rotunda with cupola and lanterna. The entrance door is preceded by an Ionic portico.
In the church of St John Baptist, San Gaetano appears in an anonymous painting of the 17th century, interceding for the sick.
Livorno - Capoliveri:
Island of Elba: Parish church and feast of the patron San Gaetano.
Livorno - Elba island - Marina di Campo:
Parish church of San Gaetano called San Gaetano a Campo. Pictures Right......

Schola Cantorum San Gaetano. San Gaetano Trophy for a regatta held during his feast. Procession, sports competitive games, music, food and wine and a fireworks display are among the activities held during the feast.
In the port itself there is also another small Chapel of San Gaetano called San Gaetano al Porto. Pictures Right......
Livorno - Montenero:
Sanctuary of Montenero dedicated to Sta.Maria delle Grazie: On the wooden ceiling, designed and carved by Pietro Giambelli in 1680, there are three large paintings representing some episodes of the life of San Gaetano.
Livorno - Vada Volaterrana:
Archaeological site in San Gaetano area yielding vast Etruscan remains of a coastal town with port facilities.
Lodi - Brembio:
Just before one enters the village of Brembio, one can see the Oratory of San Gaetano built in the 18th century adjacent to a palace.
Lodi - Mezzana Casati:
Adjoining a palace from the 1500s, Oratory of San Gaetano built in the 18th century.
Macerata - Cingoli:
Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary: On the second altar on the right is a canvas painted by Pier Simone Fanelli depicting the death of San Gaetano.
Macerata - Montecavallo:
Theatine church of San Silvestro of Montecavallo: Canvas of San Gaetano in the Crusade painted by Antonio da Messina who studied under Domenichino.
In the Church of San Maurizio a Chapel dedicated to San Gaetano with side paintings attributed to Francesco Geffels.
In the Church of St John Baptist was an oil on canvas painting by Pietro Scalvini from the 18th century was lately restored. It shows the Madonna giving the Divine Child to San Gaetano. Also in the picture are SS Sebastian and Roque. Now it lies in the Diocesan Museum of Brescia.


Mantova - Ponti sul Mincio:
Feast of San Gaetano.
Massa-Carrara - Massa:
Duomo of Massa: An old painting of Gaetano which is on the second altar on the right as you enter. This painting shows Gaetano without a halo because it was executed at the time before he was Canonized. Painted by Lucrezia Prandini in the 17th century, it used to be in the old Pieve di San Pietro church which was demolished in 1807 and had its own altar. The works of art from this old church were distributed among the churches of Massa.
At the Duomo there is a painting by Carl Rosa of San Gaetano writing on a book held by an angel while two cherubs hold a message for him to copy. This painting is signed and bears the date 1652.
Matera - Bernalda:
San Gaetano church was built outside the city walls in the 1700s as a votive chapel with one altar dedicated to San Gaetano with a canvas of him appearing with St.Andrew Avellino and Our Lady of Purity. The church had two entrances and a small belfry with a single bell. It was in an abandoned state when in the end of the 1800s, it was refurbished by Francesco Sisto and the altar of San Gaetano fixed with a statue of the Saint replacing the canvas. The church is not used for functions and is closed to the public nowadays. Pictures Below...
Matera - Pisticci:
A quaint little wayside chapel dedicated to San Gaetano.

Picture on Right......
Matera - Rotondella:
The Baroque style Palazzo Albisinni built in 1770. One of its many rooms serves as a Chapel and is dedicated to San Gaetano.
Matera - Sassi:
Church of the New Purgatory. On the main altar, a canvas by Conversi shows San Gaetano interceding with Our Lady for the souls in purgatory.
Church of San Gaetano with the date 1542 engraved above the doorway.
Messina - Castell Umberto:
Church of Sta.Barbara Virgin and Martyr built in 1472: The church has three altars, one of which is dedicated to San Gaetano.
Messina - Contesse:
In this village parish church dedicated to Sta.Maria Immacolata there is a painting of the 17th century by Giuseppe Vinci which depicts the Madonna della Lettera with San Gaetano.
Messina - Isole Aeolie:
Filicudi: San Gaetano Parish church and feast.
Lipari - Acquacalda: San Gaetano Parish church and feast.
Salina - Rinella: San Gaetano's Parish church and feast. Pictures of Rinella San Gaetano Church Right...
Messina - Milazzo:
An old municipality which used to consist of seven villages, one of which was called San Gaetano. The shell of the 15th century church is still standing. Its facade with a door to an open space is what's left of it. Here one can find the tables of a Bar in Summer nowadays. Pictures Right...
Messina - Militello Rosmarino:
A canvas of the Blessed Virgin with San Gaetano and San Benedetto the Moor. Its painter is unknown but it is dated 1757. Picture Right......
Messina - Patti:
Church of St.Nicholas: A canvas depicting San Gaetano.
Messina - Rometta:
In the part of Rometta called Santa Domenica, a small church dedicated to the Annunciation, San Rocco and San Gaetano in the middle of the village. Inside is a beautiful statue of our Saint.
Messina - San Stefano Medio:
At the highest point of the village, a church dedicated to San Gaetano built in 1743 and rebuilt in 1953 incorporating the remains of the old church including a holy water font and part of the retaining wall. Pictures Right....

Also in San Stefano Medio in the contrada of Petrojeni, cut in solid rock, one can find a tiny chapel dedicated to San Gaetano. The doorway was rebuilt in 1952 with red brick. Inside is a small altar and a niche with a plaster statue of the Saint. Up to a few years ago, it was the custom to organize a procession with religious hymns here. Picture Right.....
Messina - San Teodoro:
Parish church of the Annunciation: Feast of San Gaetano. The 'contrada' that bears his name holds festivities in his honour on the 7th August. Since 1952 the statue of our Saint was taken out in procession.
The festivities are very popular with emigrants returning to visit around the 7th of August. The feast ends with the statue of the Saint racing around the village square three times; fireworks and music. The statue of San Gaetano with Baby Jesus, was made by Filippo Quattrocchi in the 18th century. Pictures Right......
Messina - Santa Teresa di Riva:
A small but beautiful Gothic style hillside chapel dedicated to San Gaetano.
Messina - Santo Stefano di Briga:
This Church that was dedicated to San Gaetano, for a long number of years stood in a sorry state serving as a home for wild pigeons. It had served as a Theatre, Gaming building, Storage space of all sorts. Now it was decided to restore the building as an Auditorium.
Messina - Tripi:
Parish Church of San Gaetano.
Pinacoteca di Brera: Canvas of San Gaetano comforting a dying person. Picture Right..
Parish Church and Institute dedicated to San Gaetano built in 1955, run by priests and volunteers. It is the centre of various activities: Boarding house, Education centre, University annex, Alpine house, Family centre, Gastone House and Cultural centre, all under the name of founder Don Guanella. A set of stained glass windows shows instances from his life. A modern painting by Alberto Salvietti shows San Gaetano smiling and holding Baby Jesus. Pictures Right and Below.....
In the Church of St.Anthony Abbot, there is a canvas by Cerano, showing Blessed Gaetano in his Vision, probably done in the first decade of the 17th century when Gaetano was not yet Canonized. On the facade of this church there is a niche with a statue of San Gaetano made by Giacomo Tazzini in 1832. Niche with Statue on Right......
In the Museum of Poldi-Pezzoli, two paintings showing San Gaetano. One Madonna¬İin Glory with¬İSt. Cajetan of¬İThiene, St.¬İNicola¬İda Tolentino,¬İSt. Monica¬İand St. Augustine and the second by Tiepolo Saint Cajetan of¬İThiene, St.¬İJohn the Baptist and¬İSaint Anthony Abbot Pictures Right...
Milano - Abbiategrasso:
Church and Oratory of San Gaetano inaugurated in 1955. In the 1990s a beautiful modern stained glass window of the risen Christ was added. Pictures Right...
Milano - Legnano:
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace: Chapel dedicated to San Gaetano.
Milano - Magnago:
This oratory dedicated to San Gaetano was built in 1696, a few years after the canonization of Our Saint, and was blessed in 1741. It was restored in the 18th century by the Parish of San Michele Arcangelo. Above the altar there is the image of San Gaetano holding a lily in his left hand. To the right and the left two angels are depicted with the one on the left holding an inscription. Pictures Right...
Milano - Melegnano:
Parish Church dedicated to San Gaetano of Divine Providence. Temporary pre-fab. 1966. Present church built 1973 on the plan of architect Gian Luigi Sala. Consecrated in 1975.
Milano - Paderno Dugnano:
A small oratory finished in 1837 was the private chapel of the family Cicogna. In 1948 it was given to the city together with the family property. It was restored and transformed into a funerary chapel for the fallen soldiers of the two great wars and inaugurated in 1975.
Milano - Rogoredo:
Church of San Gaetano in S.Gaetano Str. with a very good Parish Choir.
An old late 1600s canvas is restored: Painter is Giacomo Bolognini and the Altarpiece is from Ospitale church and was in Rubiera archives. The figures are of Our Lady, St.James, San Jacopo and San Gaetano who is being raised up on a cloud held by many angels.
Also in Modena in the Church of San Vincenzo, one can find a number of frescos done by Sigismondo Caula. These paintings show instances from the lives of San Vincenzo and San Gaetano da Thiene. A statue of San Gaetano stands on top of the facade of this church.
Modena - Novi:
Small San Gaetano Church from the 17th century. A canvas over the altar shows Our Lady of Ghiara with a priest (San Gaetano) at her feet and also a woman in 17th cent. garb (Probably the person who commissioned the painting).
Also in Novi: Oratory of San Gaetano, since 1500 called 'Del Borgo'.
Modena - Magreta:
San Gaetano Association.
Modena - Pavullo:
In the Franciscan church there is a canvas of San Gaetano by Dom.Pellizzi.
Modena - San Cesario sul Panaro:
Very small church dedicated to San Gaetano. At least one Mass is celebrated every year on his feast day together with prayers for a good harvest. The front is decorated with bombs of WWII dropped by the allies!
San Paolo Maggiore
was the church where San Gaetano was established during the latter part of his life. It was changed radically by the Theatines.
In San Paolo Maggiore the painting of San Gaetano above the altar of the side chapel dedicated to him is of the school of Andrea Vaccaro and was painted in the middle of the 17th century. The marble decoration was done over various phases during the first half of the 17th century. Picture Right
Nave above arches: Smaller paintings on the wall above the side arches, show San Gaetano inviting people to adore the Eucharist in the Tabernacle and another in his glory holding the cross. Pictures middle and far Right
Another painting at San Paolo M, this time by M.Stanzione, shows Gaetano in the company of a number of Saints.

There are also some frescos of San Gaetano in the church of San Paolo Maggiore. Pictures Below.
In this church fixed to the main columns, is a series of bas relief oval medallions showing scenes from San Gaetano's life. Pictures Right.
Annexed to this church is the sanctuary / crypt church of San Gaetano built on the foundations of a Roman temple to an unknown god. In the crypt of the sanctuary lies the tomb with the remains of San Gaetano. Right......
A 'Fresco' painting San Gaetano intercedes to placate God's wrath in this Crypt church is by Francesco Solimena and was done in 1717. The 'Bozzetto' painting for this fresco is 77 X 63 cm, has an 18th century frame and has been recently put up for sale for 30,000 Euros. Picture Right......
Right in front of these churches is Piazza San Gaetano in the heart of the old city where once stood first a Greek meeting place and after that a Roman Forum. His statue stands here on a pedestal designed in the 1700s.
Basilica of San Giovanni a Mare: A canvas from the 16th century depicting San Gaetano.
Church of Gesu Nuovo: To celebrate the Eucharistic Mystery, eight busts of saints who glorified the Blessed Sacrament were installed high up in the church. Among these is his bust.
Theatine Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie a Toledo: Painting of San Gaetano by Camillo Guerra.
Church of St.Onofrio: Statue of San Gaetano.
A bronze statue of San Gaetano is located right at the city's central Piazza Dante on top of the gate called Porta d Alba. In 1625, viceroy Antonio Alvarez of Toledo, duke of Alba, had this gateway built. It was restored in 1797 and was the first connection between the city of Naples and other outside districts. Picture Right.
In the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the first chapel on the left is dedicated to San Gaetano Thiene.
Middle school named after San Gaetano.
The Church of Santa Maria di Montesanto contains a bust of San Gaetano, invoked by the people as a protector from the great plague of 1656. All the city walls and gates in that area were eliminated in the 1870s, and the guardian bust of San Gaetano, mounted over one of them was moved into the church.

Duomo: Chapel of San Gennaro: Amongst numerous statues, one of San Gaetano.
Church of the Holy Apostles: A canvas by A.Beltrano showing San Nicola da Tolentino and San Gaetano. Also in this church, on the altar of the third chapel on the left is a Madonna and Child with St. Gaetano Thiene by Strazzullo done around the years 1655-56. Picture Top Right....
Private collection: Canvas of Our Lady and San Gaetano by the hand of Lorenzo de Caro.
Greater Napoli area by the sea with its own Mayor North of the Vessuvio: Area called 'San Gaetano Vessuviano'.

Church of Santa Maria della Speranza: Oil on canvas of San Gaetano surrounded with angels, painted by G de Popoli. Picture Middle Right...
In the museum Opera Pia del Purgatorio ad Arco there is a beautiful painting by Michelangelo Buonocore done in 1733. Picture Below.
Napoli - Capri:
In the small island of Capri: Piazza San Gaetano.
Napoli - Casalnuovo:
The Church of the Annunciation used to have an altar dedicated to San Gaetano which was afterwards re-dedicated to the Immaculate Conception.
Napoli - Formiello:
Statue of San Gaetano in Piazza Nicola beside Sta.Caterina church from the beginning of the 1800s. It was placed on a base as an 'ex voto' after the plague of 1656.
Napoli - Ischia - Forio:
San Gaetano church founded on the island of Ischia by sailors and fishermen in 1655, rebuilt inside in 1857 in baroque style. Church remained abandoned for long years and remains in great need of structural repairs on the dome and restoration of the interior stucco. This church of San Gaetano is also used by the Evangelical Lutheran church for services.
Also in Ischia in the Parish church of St.Sebastian: Canvas of San Gaetano.
Napoli - Miano:
Statue of San Gaetano.
Napoli - Pizzofalcone:
Church of St.Mary of the Angels founded in 1587 and renovated by the Theatines in 1610: In the Choir, a painting of San Gaetano by Luca Giordano.
Napoli - Procida:
Island in the gulf of Naples - Church of Our Lady of Grace: 18th Century Canvas of the Immacolata with Sta.Lucia and San Gaetano.
Napoli - Sorrento:
Basilica of St Anthony: The left nave is dedicated to San Gaetano. On the lateral walls of the transept there are two large canvasses, one of which shows the liberation of Sorrento from the Plague by San Gaetano.

By Gian Battista Lama we find the two roundels on the sides of the nave, painted in 1734 and with gold frame, depicting the saints Gaetano Thiene and Andrea Avellino.
In the apse are two paintings of 1685 by James Po depicting the Holy Family and the Madonna and San. Gaetano with the Holy Child in his hands.
Napoli - Torre del Greco:
Devotion to San Gaetano and feast celebrated yearly. Niche with a painting of the Saint in the locality.