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After dismantling an old church of St.Francis the Less, the Theatines built the existing church of San Gaetano. Opened 1586, consecrated 1588, it is octagonal and lends itself to latest changes in Liturgy. It has 16 African marble columns with red marble cornices. It is embellished with art from the old demolished church. The ceiling has a fresco depicting heaven and behind the main altar San Gaetano is shown in glory by a 17th century anonymous painter. In 1970 the front of the church was restored as were all the paintings in the church in 1971. Between 1662 and 1762 this Church was deconsecrated but Clement XIII reconsecrated it. In November 2009 this church was inaugurated after restoration which covered facade and frescoes on the vault and the dome.
Parish Church of San Gaetano da Thiene, better known as the 'Tempio dell Internato Ignoto' (Unknown internee), was built in 1955 by Don Giovanni Fortin, a priest who survived Dachau. Since 1968 it has beside it, a museum which documents the suffering of political and racial deportees in the Nazi concentration camps.
New project of rebuilding a centre around what was left of Vincenzo Scamozzi San Gaetano Convent. The complex was nearly completely lost to a 1929 fire and rebuilt between 1930 e il 1934. In the 1980s up to 1992, it served as the seat of the Tribunale di Padova.
Padova - Anguillara Veneta:
Feast of San Gaetano.
Padova - Baone:
Feast of San Gaetano.
Church of Sta.Giustina: An altar dedicated to San Gaetano with a beautiful canvas of the Saint by Giandomenico Tiepolo son of the famous Gianbattista, probably done in 1732.
Padova - Borgoricco:
Oratory of San Gaetano whose original facade was built upon. The Oratory is what remains of an older hospital now demolished. Nowadays it is in a bad state of preservation.
Padova - Ca Morosini:
Parish church of San Gaetano.
Padova - Cinto Euganeo:
A mountain chapel dedicated to San Gaetano with an excellent view which used to be frequented by students before their exams. This small chapel of nowadays forms part of a farmhouse.
Padova - Este:
Church of St.Martin: A marble altar of San Gaetano from 1711 surmounted with a canvas by Antonio Zanchi. This painting, ruined in 1981, used to show Our Lady giving a belt to San Gaetano and to St.Anthony. Below these, added on by another painter, there used to appear half the bust of St.Philip Neri.
Padova - Monselice:
In the church of San Martino di Monselice a set of paintings was lately restored. One includes the Madonna, St Oswald and San Gaetano.
Padova - Pionca di Vigonza:
Oratory of San Gaetano built at the end of 1600s into the 1700s, it is annexed to a palace. The oratory was renovated in 1758 and in 1927 became property of the parish. The oratory is well proportioned, has a belfry and is surmounted by three statues on its facade.
Padova - Sant Urbano:
Parish church of San Gaetano.
Padova - Terranegra:
San Gaetano Parish Church and San Gaetano school.
Church of Our Lady of Carmel: An 1819 painting by Vincenzo Manno showing the Blessed Virgin and San Gaetano.
Theatine church of St.Joseph: In a niche over the entrance is a marble statue of San Gaetano who has a foot over the devil symbol of protestant teaching. Picture Top Right....

On the main ceiling are frescos one of which depicts the Triumph of San Gaetano.
Also in this church there is an altar dedicated to our Saint on the left transept with a huge canvas showing him being taken into heaven by cherubs and angels, the work of Pietro Novelli. On top of this rich marble altar is carved 'Father and Patron'. Picture Far Right.....
Previously in the Church of Sta.Maria della Catena and now kept in the Diocesan Museum is a 1647 canvas of San Gaetano by Pietro Novelli. Picture Right......
In University street, one can see a votive shrine with a painting of San Gaetano. This shrine dates back from 1898. Pictures Right.
Palermo - Brancaccio:
Parish church of San Gaetano / Maria SS del Divino Amore: Inside is a recently restored statue of San Gaetano done by G.Pennino in the 1730s . The Pastor Don Pino Puglisi was murdered in the church by the Mafia in September 1993. A beautiful statue of the Saint is carried in procession on his feast day.
Outside lies a stone statue of San Gaetano on a base surrounded by railings. Pictures Below
Palermo - Caltavuturo:
A small church of San Gaetano which is scheduled for restoration and identification with a plaque.
Palermo - Castronuovo:
At a church in Castronuovo, San Gaetano appears at the feet of Mary with the Baby Jesus. Also San Andrea Avellino.
Palermo - Gangi:
In Palazzo Bongiorno: Painting of San Gaetano of excellent balance of composition and full of emotional expression.
Chiesa Madre: Contains prized pieces such as wooden sculptures by Quattrocchi, among which is a San Gaetano. Picture Right......
Palermo - Geraci Siculo:
Church of Santa Maria Maggiore: Chapel of San Gaetano with canvas showing him at the feet of Our Lady with the Child Jesus.
Palermo - Misilmeri:
Parish Church of San Gaetano. Built at the beginning of the 18th century by Nicolo Scodelli, the church took the place of an older one dedicated to the Madonna del Fiume. In 1783 it was already closed due to a bad state of repair, but four years later it was rebuilt, passing over to the Carmelite order in 1820 and so it remained until 1866. In an 1836 inventory, there existed a canvas of San Gaetano and also a statue of the Saint. Nowadays only the canvas is still in existence. The local council financed some restoration work around 1891 and some 50 years after that some more restoration was done due to bomb damage from WWII. It was only in 1953 that it became a Parish church.
Palermo - Monreale:
San Gaetano church declared a Heritage building after being lately restored. It now contains a Museum of Religious artifacts. Picture Right......
Palermo - Partinico:
Deconsecrated Carmelite Church - A canvas by Vincenzo Manno with Our Lady and San Gaetano.
Palermo - Pollina
In this mountain village stands a church dedicated to San Gaetano in a street of the same name. This church was built by the family Macaluso in the 18th century. Many of the frescos on the walls have succumbed to time. The building, deconsecrated and closed since 1950, was restored lately and is going to be opened as an ethnological museum for the public.
Palermo - Termini Imerese:
In a collection of art, a fresco of the 15th century removed from the chapel of San Gaetano in the Parish Church.
Palermo - Valledolmo:
Church of the Holy Souls: A side altar dedicated to San Gaetano.
Theatine Church of Sta.Christina: Various episodes in the life of San Gaetano are revealed in the front and sides on frescos painted by F.Galletti in 1661-2 (see picture on Top Right). The first shows the Saint at point of death near the Blessed Virgin; the second San Gaetano opening his tunic as symbol of ardent love; the third shows him receiving Baby Jesus from Mary, and the fourth, the Redeemer shows him His pierced side while angels carry symbols of the Passion. In this church there is also a canvas of San Gaetano in front of the Blessed Trinity, by Giovanni Venanzi in 1661. In this same church on one of the corner spaces by the windows, San Gaetano is shown with his group, receiving the constitution of his new order from the Pope. Picture on Bottom Right......
Parma - Fontanellato:
Oratory of the Assumption of Mary also commonly known as San Gaetano, was built in 1572 and completely rebuilt in 1720 by the local congregation.
In the church of St Luke, a chapel nowadays dedicated to San Gaetano is very ornate and contains a statue of our Saint in a niche. A stone statue of Pope St Pius I on top of the ornamentation, belies the previous dedication.
Pavia - Casteggio:
Church of San Gaetano containing a permanent exhibition of Christmas creches and artistic angel figurines.
Pavia - Moriago:
Small village chapel with a building on one side and an archway on the other
Perugia - Gubbio:
Gothic chapel of San Gaetano: A fresco of Our Lady of Milk, St.Dominic, St.Peter Martyr, San Gaetano and angels playing music. This work is in the process of being restored.
Perugia - Ponte San Giovanni:
Church of San Gaetano Thiene.
Perugia - Preci:
18th century Church of San Gaetano.
Perugia - Spello:
Church of Sta.Maria Maggiore: Altar of San Gaetano Thiene. Above is a stucco of a kneeling San Gaetano receiving punishment from an angry Christ. This picture shows an excellent view of the contemporary 17th century Spello.
House of the Parish priest: A canvas by Sebastiano Ceccarini showing the Blessed Virgin handing Baby Jesus to San Gaetano.
Pesaro - Cagli:
Cathedral - Basilica: Canvas with number of Saints including San Gaetano surrounding Our Lady with the Child Jesus. Painted by Luigi Garzi in 1704.
Pesaro - Corinaldo:
In the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Incancellata: Canvas of San Gaetano of 1691 by Giov. Anastasi.
Pesaro - Fano:
St.Anthony Abbot Church: Canvas of San Gaetano by Sebastiano Ceccarini.
Pesaro - Sant Angelo in Vado:
Church of St.Philip: Recently restored canvas representing the Assumption of Mary, St.Bonaventure of Bagnoregio and San Gaetano.

An oil on canvas painting (1690/1710) size 180 X 270cm. Shows San Gaetano kneeling at prayer surrounded with little angels, some of whom are carrying a cross.

Picture Right.......

Piacenza - Carpaneto:
A little further from the moat of Castello Cerreto Landi is a private oratory of San Gaetano open to the public. This building is first mentioned in the 16th century but seems older. Inside are some beautiful neoclassical frescos.
Church of St.Paul: A student of Luca Giordano, Paolo de Matteis picture of Christ in glory and San Gaetano.
Adjoining the same church, on the left side is an oratory dedicated to San Gaetano, reputed to be designed by Bernini in the 1600s. Pictures Right...
Pordenone - San Vito al Tagliamento:
Built by the Altansi family in the 15th century, this Chapel dedicated to San Gaetano is built adjacent to Tullio Altan Palace. On the plan of architect Rota, the small church is of octagonal shape and nowadays houses the Provincial Museum of Country Life. It was originally intended as a private chapel for the family. The facade is made up of 4 panels supporting a cornice with the date 1825 and over the door the coat-of-arms of the family Altan.
Cathedral of St.Gerard: A wooden, multicoloured sculpture of San Gaetano 140cm high in a niche, made by an unknown Neaploitan sculptor in the 19th century.
Potenza - Balvano:
In the conventual church of St.Anthony, there is a canvas dated 1649 by Pietrafesa. It depicts the Madonna sitting on a throne with Baby Jesus in her arms while on one side there is St.Francis and on the other San Gaetano. A cherub with a garland of flowers is sitting at the foot of the throne.
Potenza - Calvera:
Parish church of San Gaetano in Vallina.
Parish church of St.Mary: Canvas of San Gaetano from the 18th century.
Chapel of San Gaetano close to downtown. San Gaetano stayed here awhile after a long pilgrimage. His wooden statue is kept high up in a niche behind the main altar. The chapel has the original main nave from the 1600's while the sacristy was incorporated in the main church as a presbitery in the 1960's. There is also a beautiful wooden ceiling in this church. On the facade of this Chapel right over the entrance, there is a tiled picture of the Saint holding the Infant Jesus. Pictures Below......
Potenza - Lauria:
A minor chapel dedicated to San Gaetano.
Potenza - Marsico nuovo:
Church of St.Januarius: a statue of San Gaetano.
Potenza - Moliterno:
In the old part of the city centre, in the old 13th century Church of Our Lady of Carmel previously dedicated to Sta.Barbara and restored in 1630, on the left of the main altar, there is a canvas showing Our Lady of Carmel, Sta.Barbara, San Gaetano, St.Nicholas and the souls of Purgatory imploring the Virgin.
Potenza - Pescopagano:
A small old chapel of San Gaetano incorporated within the grounds of a larger and modern church. A beautiful prayer garden was also added in front. In the modern church a round fresco showing San Gaetano was installed above the altar.
Potenza - Trivigno:
Small mountain Church of San Gaetano built in 1701 and restored by locals. Inside is a canvas by Battista Piccoli of 1703 showing San Gaetano preaching to a group of Theatines. The feast of the Saint is celebrated here every year. Pictures Right......
Ragusa - Comiso:
Church of St.Joseph: Originally the private chapel of the Occhipinti family, the church has one nave, seven altars and a crypt. The apse is decorated with stuccos from the 18th century. There are two paintings on canvas, one of San Apollonio and the other of San Gaetano da Thiene.
Ravenna - Castelbolognese
Stolen from the church of St Francis in August 2003, Oil on Canvas painting depicting San Gaetano - painter unknown.

Ravenna - Fusignano:
Civic Museum San Rocco: A bas relief of the Madonna with Baby Jesus, San Gaetano and St Philip Neri. This devotional majolica piece made of painted terracotta is from the 1700's and is 33.3 X 53.5cm

Ravenna - Lugo:
Madonna delle Stuoie: Ex-oratory of San Gaetano.
Reggio Calabria - Candidoni:
Apart from the procession with the statue of the Saint, for the festivities of August, coinciding with the celebration of the feast of San Gaetano, a particular manifestation of the 'Sagra della nacatula' (nacatula is a typical Calabrese sweet). Pictures Below....
Reggio Calabria - Cassano Ionio:
Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary: 17th century statue of San Gaetano.
Reggio Calabria - Delianuova:
San Gaetano church.
Reggio Calabria - Ellera:
Feast of San Gaetano.
Reggio Calabria - Melia di Scilla:
In 1845 a church of SanGaetano was built but was destroyed by an earthquake in 1894. Two years after, a new one was erected and was consecrated. On the 3rd June 1907 it was raised to the status of a Parish church. Sadly, only a year afterwards, the church was destroyed again by another earthquake this time with precious works of art and documents being also lost in the rubble.
The new temple we have nowadays has one nave and a belfry containing two bells.
Reggio Calabria - Sinopoli Vecchio:
Little old decaying Chapel of San Gaetano. Picture Right......
Reggio Emilia - Albinea:
Parish church of San Gaetano.
Reggio Emilia - Correggio:
Museum of the Municipality of Correggio: An oil on canvas painting of San Gaetano by Giulio Guzzoni painted in the 19th century and coming from the Confraternity of St.Sebastian.
Reggio Emilia - Rubiera:
Sacrati Palace: Painting of the 1800s by G.Bolognini. Used to be in the hospital chapel. Above other figures is Our Lady reclining toward a pilgrim. Below is San Gaetano with the Child Jesus in his arms and several angels.
Rieti - Montenero:
Theatine Sanctuary of Our Lady: Painting by Filippo Maria Galletti of Our Lady appearing to San Gaetano and presenting him with Baby Jesus. This picture was solemnly unveiled in 1696 on the feast of the Holy Name of Mary. The wooden ceiling designed and sculptured in 1680 by Pietro Giambelli, incorporates three large canvases with episodes from the life of San Gaetano.
Rieti - Poggio Mirteto:
Parish church of the Assumption of Our Lady: Feast of San Gaetano who is also Patron Saint of the town.
Rieti - Poggio Nativo:
Parish church of the Annunciation: Canvas of San Gaetano painted by Pietro Paolo Ceccarelli.
Rimini - Santarcangelo di Romagna:
Collegiate church: First altar on the left is dedicated to San Gaetano and the painting is by Centino.
Basilica of Sta.Maria Maggiore: In the crypt beneath the Blessed Sacrament Chapel: Marble statue of San Gaetano holding the Child Jesus. This is the work of Bernini and is sited close to where the vision of San Gaetano
actually took place.
In San Silvestro al Quirinale Church there is a long, vaulted choir behind the altar. On the ceiling is a fresco from the late 16th century by Cherubino and Giovanni Alberti. On the left wall is a fresco by Lazzaro Baldi, of Mary and San Gaetano. Also, in the right arm of the transept is a depiction of The Eternal Appearing to Sts.Andrew Avellino and Gaetano Thiene, by Antonio Barbalonga. Also a painting by a student of Domenichino showing San Gaetano on a crusade.
Sant Andrea della Valle church: Outside on the beautiful facade, a statue of San Gaetano sculpted by Domenico Guidi. Inside a chapel dedicated to San Gaetano with its altar made by C. Bazzani in 1912. Canvas on this altar shows the Saint's Vision. Pictures Right......
In the same church another painting of San Gaetano's vision, this time by an anonymous hand. Also outside, a statue of the Saint in a niche. Pictures Below.
Also in the city of Rome:
Parish created in 1962 and the parish church of San Gaetano built in Via Poggio Martino in 1979 and entrusted to the Theatines. Pictures Right......
In the church of Sta.Dorotea in Rome, San Gaetano used to meet with his friends including Carafa. It was here that the seeds of the future Theatine Order were sown. Here too, later on, San Giuseppe Calasanzio started a free school, the first one in Europe. An oil painting in this church by Giovacchino Martorana of Palermo done in the 18th century, shows San Gaetano appearing to San Giuseppe Calasanzio. Picture Right......
In the minor Basilica of Santa Maria Nuova, an oil on canvas painting is being restored. Painted around the end of the 17th century by Andrea Montalto, it is unusual in whom it portrays. It is St.Anne and her husband St.Gioachim who are presenting their young Daughter Mary to San Gaetano.
Roma - Ardea:
Parish church of San Gaetano.
Roma - Castelnuovo di Porto:
Parish Church of San Gaetano.
Roma - Mentana:
In the Church of San Nicola Nuovo, a painting of San Gaetano holding Baby Jesus, by Vincenzo Ferreri done in 1793.
Roma - Monterotondo:
Church of San Rocco: On the left of the main altar there used to be an altar dedicated to San Gaetano with his image on Canvas.
Roma - Morlupo:
Parish Church of San Gaetano. Painting by Frederico Moroni. Picture top Right......

In the adjacent Theatine convent, there is a Chapel dedicated to the Saint. In this same convent there is a Painting of San Gaetano in the glory of heaven while outside in the convent grounds one can find a permanent outdoor statue of the Saint. Pictures Immidiate Right......
Church of St Alphonse Liguori: One of the painted medallions that adorn the main nave is of San Gaetano. Picture Below....
Roma - Rocca di Papa:
Duomo of the Assumption of Mary: A 17th century canvas by Luigi Gerzi representing the Immaculate Conception of Mary, with St.Anthony abbot, San Gaetano, Sant Agatha and Sant Appolonia. This painting was brought from a small hospital which used to stand nearby.
Pinacoteca dell Accademia dei Concordi (Academy of Arts) with Patron San Gaetano: In the ninth hall, among a series of portrait paintings of illustrious people of Rovigo and of protectors of the Academy, a painting of San Gaetano of Thiene whom the Academics hold in veneration and keep as their Patron Saint.
Rovigo - Ariano nel Polesine:
The church of San Gaetano is near the western access to the town. Festivities lasting two weeks are held around the 7th August in honour of the patron San Gaetano.
Rovigo - Crespino:
San Gaetano retirement house.
Rovigo - Ledinara:
San Gaetano oratory from the early 20th century.
Rovigo - Mazzorno Destro:
Feast of San Gaetano.
Rovigo - Melara:
Archipresbeterial church of San Materno Bishop: Oil on canvas painting 298 X 202cm by Saverio Della Rosa 1783. The picture shows Our Lady with Baby Jesus and the Saints Materno, Philip Neri and Gaetano da Thiene. Picture Right......
Rovigo - Occhiobello:
Traditional outdoor festivities of San Gaetano celebrated with food and music, with fireworks ending the evening. Inside the oratory of San Gaetano a special liturgy with the participation of a choral group.
Rovigo - Polesella:
'San Ghitan' Feast - 7th August. Traditional celebration near the Oratory of San Gaetano, along the street of the same name, with folklore and various festivities. Built in the first half of the 17th century, the oratory was in use up to three decades ago. Covered with a tile roof, it looks East and has a small bell tower on its Left side. For a while this church stood abandoned and bare. Pictures Below.......
Rovigo - Riva:
Church dedicated to SS Gaetano and Rocco.
Rovigo - Rosolina:
Every year, continuing the tradition started in the mid 1600s, the community of Rosolina honours its patron saint San Gaetano, with a celebration in the temple of the Rotunda.
Rovigo - Sant'Urbano:
San Gaetano parish church
Rovigo - Stienta:
Church of St.Stephen Pope and Martyr: Amongst other monuments and columns in front of the Church, there is one with the statue of San Gaetano.
Rovigo - Trecenta:
Church of St.George: Second altar on left is that of San Gaetano and has an 18th century Venetian style canvas of the apparition of Our Lady to San Gaetano.
Parish church and Convent of San Gaetano.
Piazza San Gaetano.
Salerno - Angri:
Incorporated in the seventeenth century Palazzo de Angelis, the chapel of St. Jude Thaddeus was the right of patronage of this noble family, up to the 800. In this chapel there is an altarpiece done by Carl Rosa in the 17th century, showing The Virgin between St Jude and San Gaetano.
Salerno - Agropoli:
In the main church of Sts Peter & Paul, an altar dedicated to San Bartolomeo and San Gaetano was endowed with a painting in 1875, depicting the two saints.
Salerno - Cava de Tirreni:
Church commonly called San Gaetano.
Salerno - Eboli:
Church of San Nicola de Graecis: A canvas depicting San Gaetano on the first altar on the left, of an unknown painter from the 18th century.
Salerno - Galdo:
San Gaetano church. On the 7th August, the feast of San Gaetano, a beautiful statue of the Saint holding Baby Jesus is taken out in procession.
Salerno - La Mennola:
A new parish of San Gaetano, formed in 1962 out of the communities of St.Mary of Carmel, St.John Bosco, St.Mary of Barbuti and St.Bartholomew.
Salerno - Monte San Giacomo:
Church of San Gaetano Interesting the canvas of the eighteenth century, depicting the Virgin and St. Gaetano and Child, a work close to the style of the painter Nicholas Peccheneda from Pola, who attended the workshop of Solimena.
Salerno - Posa:
Traditional feast of San Gaetano in front of the small San Gaetano church.
Salerno - Salento:
Church of San Gaetano built in 1959.
Salerno - San Giovanni a Piro:
Cruciform church built 1660s outside city walls. In 1786, altar of San Gaetano is erected by the people. Only in 1888 is the church definitively dedicated to San Gaetano Thiene. Main entry built in 1813, also a smaller side door. Titular painting by DAngelo done in 1979, shows San Gaetano kneeling in front of the Blessed Sacrament. The belfry is in very bad condition and is reached from inside the church.
Salerno - Santomenna:
In 1682, the palace of the Bishop was restored and a new Cathedral dedicated to San Gaetano was built. In 1980 an earthquake destroyed the old church and a new one was built.
Salerno - Sassano:
Chapel of St.Vitus and San Gaetano. First mention of this chapel in existing documents was in 1756.
Salerno - San Gaetano Village:
In the Salerno countryside one can also find a tiny village of San Gaetano.
Salerno - Teggiano:
In the Church of St.Augustine: Among other paintings of dedication above side altars, 'The apparition of Our Lady to San Gaetano', an 18th century work of Feliciano Mangieri.
Salerno - Valle dell Angelo:
Chapel of San Leonardo built in the 1600s: Large canvas depicting San Leonardo, San Mauro and San Gaetano.
Museum of the Pinacoteca Civica: Palazzo della loggia: A canvas by G.S.Robatto of The Blessed Virgin appearing to San Gaetano.
Contrada del Nicchio (Contrada = District) named after San Gaetano and with headquarters at the Oratory of San Gaetano. This Oratory, built 1683/5 through the efforts of the Contrada del Nicchio, boasts of a huge stucco niche in its facade. The painting in this niche shows Our Lady with Child Jesus and behind her on each side are St Francis and San Gaetano. Inside are two canvases by Giuseppe Nicola Nasini: on the right, San Gaetano bringing bread to some lepers and on the left bringing bread to the poor (1734). In the right presbitery altar a canvas depicting a miracle performed by San Gaetano, and left is San Gaetano in ecstasy, both of the 17th century. Topping the titular picture on the main altar is the persecution of San Gaetano during the sacking of Rome. In this church there is another painting by Nasini, this time of the glory of San Gaetano. Pictures Below....
Siena - Chianciano Terme:
Museum of the Collegiate: Canvas depicting the Vision of San Gaetano, dubiously attributed to Astolfo Petrazzi, active in the 17th century.
Siracusa - Avola:
In the church of St John Baptist there is a side altar complete with a painting showing San Gaetano in his vision of Our Lady and Baby Jesus.
Siracusa - Melilli:
Church of St.Nicholas of Mira: On the right nave is a canvas of San Gaetano with a cross painted by Francesco Gramignani.
Siracusa - Palazzolo Acreide:
Basilica of St.Paul the Apostle: Fourth altar on the left is dedicated to San Gaetano. On top of this altar is a canvas of the Saint of unknown origin. The architecture of this gilded altar seems to defy the laws of physics.
Siracusa - Portopalo di Capopassero:
(This happens to be the closest landfall to my native Malta)
Parish Church of Patron San Gaetano. The old 1812 supermarket was turned into a church in 1927 / 31 being embellished over the years. Very recently a fire broke out in this church destroying artifacts and decoration but not the structure itself.
Siracusa - Sortino:
Church dedicated to St.John the Evangelist: Sixteenth century painting by Giuseppe Cristadoro depicting the Virgin and San Gaetano.
Sondrio - Castionetto:
Church of St.Gregory: On the North wall of the presbytery there is a oil on canvas showing Our Lady, Santa Teresa and San Gaetano. This painting comes from a small chapel dedicated to Santa Teresa.
Sondrio - Dalico:
A little chapel of San Gaetano built in 1870 as is shown on an inscription on its facade. This small rectangular church was renovated inside and out in 1975. In its small belfry it has a bell with the name of St.Gregory in German. Behind the main altar is a niche containing the statue of San Gaetano.