Italy - T to V
ITALY - T to V
In the cathedral of Taranto, a statue of San Gaetano holding a crucifix and an open book.
A small Chapel of San Gaetano with an elegant facade, built in 1918 in a rural area, now caught up in the midst of residential spread. Confraternity of San Gaetano.
Church of San Gaetano - Just a shell left. There is a suggestion for a project for turning the space into a cultural, tourist and social centre for the city.
Taranto - Grottaglie:
Church of San Francesco di Paola: Chapel of St.Michael Archangel: Canvas on the left is from 1775 and shows San Gaetano.
Taranto - Lizzano:
In the parish church of St Nicholas, San Gaetano has an altar dedicated to him which contains some of his relics. Around the 7th August, his feast day, the congregation takes his statue out in procession around the town.
Taranto - Manduria:
Private Collection: Canvas of Our Lady and San Gaetano by the hand of Gian Vincenzo Gargano (died 1756) from the same locality of Manduria.
Taranto - Massafra:
San Gaetano, in via del Santuario, was built in 1918 and was a rural chapel at that time. Nowadays it is incorporated in a block of private urban residences.
Taranto - Monteparano:
Feast of Patron San Gaetano who is thought to have delivered the town from the 1655 plague. Chapel and statue of the Saint in the Church of the Assumption.
Pictures of statue and procession Below
Votive niche of the Saint near Monteparano. Picture of Niche Below Right......
Teramo - Atri:
Church of Santa Chiara: The altar of San Gaetano Thiene was built in 1766 by artists from Naples and Abruzzi and has some neo-classical influence. San Gaetano adoring the Madonna and Child, was commissioned by Sister Gertrude Onofrio and was painted in 1766 by Francesco de Mura (Naples, 1696 - 1782), one of the leading artists of the his time. Picture Right....
Teramo - Fontanelle di Atri:
Parish church and Feast of San Gaetano.
Teramo - Giulinova:
Church dedicated to San Gaetano built in 1869. Picture Right....
Teramo - Silvi Marina:
Church of San Francesco ad Atri: The Chapel of St Cajetan, one of the most beautiful churches, is by the architect Giovan Battista Gianni. The painting dates from about 1770 and depicts St Cajetan of Thiene adoring the Virgin and Child. It is a mediochre copy of the one in the church of Santa Chiara the latter of which is the work of Francesco de Mura. The canvas is the work of the Neapolitan school, but some attribute it to Joseph Provost. Picture Right....
Parish church dedicated to San Gaetano of Thiene. In 1887, Cardinal made possible the building of the Church of San Gaetano da Thiene on the plans of Rivetti and Scarampi. The style is a mix of Gothic, Romantic and Byzantine.Pictures Right.
Institute of the Poor Sisters of San Gaetano. Giovanni Maria Boccardo (1848-1913), parish priest of Pancalieri, to the north of Italy, founded the religious congregation. The sisters live in humility, simplicity, poverty and with the purest charity" spreading the word of God through word and example. San Gaetano creche for children.
'Banca Popolare' San Gaetano (1939 - 1969) whose archives are now part of the Institute of St.Paul.
The Ex-Convent of San Gaetano Thiene was restructured and is now used as space for various projects. It has a medical centre for refugees, a daycare space for children, a facility for assistance for cultural purposes and, though based on the work of volunteers, it also provides a living for a few women.
In the Church of San Lorenzo in Torino Piazza Castello, there is a Chapel dedicated to San Gaetano first right as you enter. The ornate altar is from the 18th century and has a statue on top of the altar. The chapel is clad in different colours of marble. On the cornice between two angels is inscribed San Gaetano's motto in Latin: 'Querite primum Regnum Dei'. Pictures Right......
Torino - Aglie:
Church of St.Roque: On the right, altar dedicated to San Gaetano.
Torino - Falchera Villaretto:
San Gaetano of Thiene Street.
Torino - Pancalieri:
San Gaetano retirement home. Picture Right......
Torino - Pratonuovo di Camorone:
In this small picturesque mountain village is a church dedicated to San Gaetano of Divine Providence. It has a distinctive bell tower. Picture Right...
Torino - Rivara:
The chapel of San Gaetano in Rivara lies in the area of Crosaroglio. This chapel, like others in the Rivara area, was renovated by the zealous parishioners.
Church of the Carmel: Sculpture of Our Lady of Carmel and San Gaetano by Giacomo Tartaglia.
Trapani - Catamalfi:
Parish church of St Julian: An altar with a canvas showing San Gaetano.
Trapani - Pantalleria island - Scauri:
San Gaetano Parish Church. Picture on the right....
Also on Pantalleria island: Cineteatro San Gaetano, San Gaetano Heights and San Gaetano Point on the coast.
Trapani - Salemi:
Church of the Holy Rosary: One of the four side chapels used to be dedicated to San Gaetano. The church is in total ruin and after the 1963 earthquake all that remain are walls and the Sanctuary.
Also in Salemi: A retirement home and Orphanage San Gaetano.
Church of St. Gaetano: Small church attached to the rest home for the elderly founded in 1951 by Gaetano Salemi Uddo. Was used, after the earthquake of '68, as a first hospitalization for a good part of the works of sacred art.
In the sacristy of St Augustine church of Salemi, An old painting showing San Gaetano's heart being set on fire by the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Trento - Martinella:
Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace: Chapel adjacent to the sacristy dedicated to San Gaetano.
Trento - Panchia:
Church of San Valentino: A canvas by Alberti: San Gaetano da Thiene.
Trento - Pannone:
In the mountain valley of Val di Gresta. There is a devotional niche on the wall of an old house of Enrico Less who was also a doctor. In this niche he painted on stucco depicting the Madonna with St.Agnes and San Gaetano one on each side.
Trento - Predazzo:
San Gaetano Retirement Home constructed in 1927 with the generous donation of Signora Giuliana Vida and other funds collected. It has its own infirmary, physiotherapy and medical sections. About 70 residents are helped by staff and volunteers. There are also the services of a Chaplain.
San Gaetano church built in the beginning of 13th century and first dedicated as 'San. Battista del Tempio'. The apse and some Romanesque frescoes are the only parts left of the old building near the bell tower. In the beginning of the 16th century it was renovated and re-dedicated to San Gaetano. In the middle of the 1700s, a second restructuring took place. In 1770 an organ (with 23 pipes) by Gaetano Callido was installed. Pictures Right

A holy picture of the painting of San Gaetano venerated in this church. Picture Lower Right.
Also in Treviso: Orthodox 'Biserica' San Gaetano.
Treviso - Asolo:
Villa Barbini Rinaldi: In the ample estate there were two Oratories one of which is dedicated to San Gaetano.
Treviso - Castelcucco:
San Gaetano Oratory also called Church of Good Health. An 1880 inscription on the facade: D.O.M. in honour of blessed Mary and of San Gaetano of Thiene. In 1912 a small belfry was built and during WWI, it served as an ammunition depot. The feast of the Saint is celebrated every year. The church has one nave, one altar and a sacristy. A large copy of a 1700s canvas shows Our Lady of Good Health surrounded by Saints Gaetano, Carlo Borromeo, Girolamo Emiliani, Jerome and it is said, also by a king of France.
Treviso - Cimadolmo:
Church of St Sylvester Pope: An altar dedicated to San Gaetano in 1745.
Treviso - Colle Umberto:
Oratorio di Ca' Gamba: The public oratory of St.Anthony and San Gaetano is close to Villa Gamba. The graceful building from the 17th century used to be frequented by the locals but nowadays it is in a notable state of decay.
Treviso - Montebelluna:
Parish church of San Gaetano. Town developed around small oratory of San Gaetano which was built in 1683. The present church was built in 1853 and is of an octagonal shape with four chapels and three entrances. In 1881 the belfry was built. Nowadays the township also boasts of having built a beautiful parish centre behind the church. Pictures Right.
Treviso - Moriago della battaglia:
An old San Gaetano Oratory.
Treviso - Ponzano Veneto:
San Gaetano is the Patron Saint of this town.
Treviso - Porcellengo:
San Gaetano is the Patron Saint of this town.
Treviso - Prealpi:
In the lower reaches of the Alps of Treviso, where it is very suitable for hiking, one can find a votive niche of San Gaetano.
Treviso - Rustigne':
Oratory of San Gaetano Degli Ottoboni. Picture Right......
Treviso - San Zenone degli Ezzelini:
In the Duomo: An altar dedicated to San Gaetano.
Treviso - San Fior:
Church of San Giovanni Battista: Up in the 19th century facade is a niche with a beautiful statue of San Gaetano.
Treviso - Susegana:
The castle of San Salvatore dominates the town. In it, one can find a chapel dedicated to San Gaetano with a 1700s altar decorated with a bas relief of the Saint in marble.
Treviso - Trevignano:
The 'Abbazia di Colle' (Friary of the hill) can be seen with the Church of St.Peter as a detail in an altarpiece in the same church. The canvas shows Our Lady with Baby Jesus and also San Gaetano and St.Anthony. The detail can be seen between these two Saints in the background. Painting detail Right...
Treviso - Zero Branco:
Feast of San Gaetano.
Casa delle derelitte for wayward women run by the nuns of San Luigi Scorsoppi. One of the protector Saints is San Gaetano. A small church dedicated to him is annexed to the complex.
Udine - Manzano:
Villa Ottelio: Courtyard with two wings, one of which is a Chapel dedicated to San Gaetano. The simple front has a semicircular light above the doorway with a very small belfry on top. Inside the rectangular chapel there used to be a canvas of San Gaetano, St.Peter and St.James, painted by Antonio Carneo in 1680.
Udine - San Canzian D Sonzo:
Small church dedicated to San Gaetano.
Udine - Santa Maria La Longa:
In the church of Santo Stefano, which lies on San Gaetano Square, a side altar built around 1878 is dedicated to San Gaetano. This altar lies within a niche, is neo-Gothic in style and is covered in different colours of marble. The fairly modern statue of our saint lies in a glazed niche over this altar.
In the Church of St.Francis: Gothic chapel of San Gaetano with a canvas of Our Lady with the Child Jesus and San Gaetano.
Oratory of San Gaetano belonging to what was the first Church of the Dominican community.
Valtellina - Morbegno:
In Malacrida palace: Chapel dedicated to San Gaetano.
Varese - Caidate di Sumirago:
'Casa San Gaetano' (Retirement Home). It was in 1949 that the Guanellian fathers built a centre on top of a hill of Caidate. This centre now houses about sixty seniors, fifty of which are in a nursing section.
Varese - Montonate:
Little devotional chapel dedicated to San Gaetano. Picture Right...
Church of San Vidal: Painting: Guardian Angel with St.Anthony and San Gaetano by Giovanni Battista Piazzetta. The canvas was painted 1727-30 as part of a group of altarpieces commissioned from several artists. It is a striking example of the chiaroscuro style which distinguishes Piazzetta's work from that of his younger contemporary G B Tiepolo. The painting was recently restored and currently hangs in the church of San Samuele. Picture Right......
Church of Saints Geremia and Lucia: A canvas by Sebastiano Santi, showing St.Augustine, Lorenzo Giustiniani, St.Anthony of Padova and San Gaetano, all at the foot of Christ crucified. Picture Right......
Church of San Nichola di Tolentino: Altar of San Gaetano. The painting: 'San Gaetano surrounded by Virtues chaining up Vices' by Sante Peranda. b. 1566 - d. 1638. Picture near Right....
In this church there is also a painting by Palma Jr. of S.Gaetano praying

Church of San Marcuola: Altar of San Gaetano with beautiful marble statue of the Saint accompanied by cherubs. Picture far Right......
Church of St.Simon the Less: Painting by Antonio Marinetti of San Gaetano and an Angel supporting St.Francis de Paola.

Labia Palace (Accademia): Canvas by Gianbattista Tiepolo: Apparition of the Sacred Family to San Gaetano.

Giorgio Cini foundation (Art collections): In the Certani collection: An early preparatory study for the Immacolata and San Gaetano painting which is in the Apostolic Palace near the Loreto Sanctuary, author Giuseppe Maria Crespi of Bologna 1665 - 1747. Also in Venezia: San Gaetano Library.
Venezia - Carole:
The San Gaetano oratory in the locality of the same name, erected in 1797, was the property of the Contarini Dal Zaffo family, and now of the baron Franchetti. In 1949 over the canal, the shelter was constructed which was later transformed into a parish church, and in 1959 the parish of San Gaetano was erected. Worthy of mention, is the wooden statue of the saint coming from Val Gardena and the wooden crucifix from the 18th century. The old church is still dedicated to San Gaetano Thiene and is called San Gaetano A Castello. It is now sadly in a total state of deterioration. Above the entrance door is a niche containing a beautiful wooden statue of the saint. This church is incorporated with houses of the area opposite Villa Franchetti. Top Right New; Bottom Right Old chueches....
Venezia - Cavarzere:
Parish Church built in the 18th century dedicated to San Gaetano. San Gaetano is also the name of a small community on the margins, between Cavarzese and Chioggia. There is a tiny meeting place run by young couples in the country, hence the idea of increasing the opportunities for recreation and socializing, and with a number of improvements to the football field. The initiative is especially important for children and adolescents of San Gaetano.
Venezia - Chioggia - Sant'Anna:
Parish church of Sant'Anna and San Gaetano completed in 1704 in the village of Sant Anna. A new church replacing the old one was consecrated in 1973. Pictures Right......
Venezia - Cinto Caomaggiore:
Parish Church of San Biagio: Feast of San Gaetano on the 7th August with church liturgy and outdoor festivities including good food and dancing.
Venezia - Fosso':
Church of St Bartholomew, completed in看1761.看Above the facade看there are看three看statues: San Bartholomeo, San Lorenzo看and看San Gaetano (circled in the picture).看
Venezia - Santo Stino di Livenza:
Parish church of St. Mark in the Corbolone quarter: On one side of the Choir behind the main altar is a 17th century canvas attributed to Gaspare Diziani showing Our Lady with San Gaetano on one side and St.Francis the other.
Theatine Church of San Nicolo: Second altar on left dedicated to San Gaetano with canvas by Mattia Preti 1674s showing San Gaetano and San Andrea Avellino. On the sides are two large paintings, both by B Falceri. Left shows San Gaetano among the poor of Meves and Right among the victims of plague in Rome. Here we find one of the Saint蘗s relics and a Bust of San Gaetano. In 1965, there used to hang sixty small votive pictures now in storage. One, an oil on wood, shows a sick person invoking the help of the Virgin and of San Gaetano.
Church of Sta. Toscana: On the right of the main aisle, a painting showing Our Lady and San Gaetano, done by Domenico Pandolfi in the 18th century.
Parish Church of San Massimo: A painting from 1806 by Agostino Ugolini showing the Glory of Saints Luigi Gonzaga,看Antonio di Padova and看Gaetano看Thiene.
Verona - Cavaion Veronese:
Parish Church of San Gaetano in Sega was built as recently as 1971. It celebrates his feast every year. There is a statue of the Saint that was brought over from a small chapel dedicated to him in the same area. This simple chapel was built in 1777 but now lies completely abandoned.
Chorale San Gaetano di Sega in the parish church.
Verona - Fumane:
Feast of San Gaetano.
Verona - Garda - Puegnano:
The Oratory of San Gaetano da Thiene can be found in the area of Monteacuto in Puegnano. It was built in 1711 and on its altar there hangs a painting showing the Saint tightly holding Baby Jesus under the eyes of the Blessed Virgin. Lower down one can also see San Carlo Borromeo and a saintly Bishop.
Verona - Negrar:
Within the Villa Bertani property is a beautiful 18th century church of San Gaetano which is usually available to the locals.
Verona - Novare:
Villa Mosconi: A chapel dedicated to San Gaetano on the right wing.
Verona - Pastrengo:
Parish Church of St.Augustine: On the first altar on the left is a canvas of Our Lady with the Child Jesus and San Gaetano, attributed to Boscarati and painted in the 18th century. Feast of San Gaetano. Picture Right......
Verona - Quinzano:
Small rural niche with image of San Gaetano. Picture Right......
Verona - San Giovanni Ilarione:
Church dedicated to St.Anthony and San Gaetano in the locality of Boarie. Built in 1715 by Achille Balzi whose tomb can be found inside. It is open to the public but is the property of the Balzi family.
Verona - San Giovanni Lupatoto:
Parish church of San Gaetano built in 1912-3 with a canvas of San Gaetano's vision. Nowadays the church is deconsecrated since a newer one was built. The local authorities are considering it for use as a cultural hall.
Verona - San Pietro di Morubio:
Patron Saint of the town is San Gaetano.
Verona - Sega:
A feast of San Gaetano which has been held in Sega from time immemorial. Also in Sega a Street named after the Saint.
Verona - Terranegra:
Small church dedicated to San Gaetano.
Verona - Villafontana:
Parish Church of The Exaltation of the Cross: Feast of San Gaetano.
Vibo-Valentia - Dasa:
St Onofrio church: Statue of San Gaetano da Tiene ordered and paid by Archpriest Gaetano Perrini who blessed it in 1777.

Church of San Nicola and San Michele: Among the cherished oil paintings in this church, one can find a San Gaetano with Our Lady of the Neapolitan school.
San Gaetano church: Built 1721 - 1730 on G.Frigimelica蘗s plan, and is run by the Theatine fathers. The present church rebuilt after being bombed in W.W.II. Very little survives from the original 1700s in the present building raised in 1948. Of importance is the titular picture of San Gaetano by Francesco Solimena. Pictures Below...
Cathedral of San Gaetano in Sta. Maria Annunciata. : Chapel of the 17th century which before was dedicated to St Thomas and St Peter, is now dedicated to San Gaetano. Has a painting attributed to Pietro della Vecchia showing San Gaetano in extasy being visited by an angel.
Parish church of San Gaetano (Debba)
San Gaetano Institute was started by Don Ottorino. The scope was to give children a professional education and make worthy citizens out of them. Children who do not like to study are brought here to learn trades and have a 95% chance of being employed after finishing the courses here.
Ex-monastery dedicated to San Gaetano seat of various cultural and social activities, among which: Centre of business studies; Hostel of the Therapeutic Community of San Gaetano and Research Centre for social and religious history.
Church of Santa Corona has paintings of the Saint in its interior and apse.
In the Church of St Stephen: Canvas showing the life of San Gaetano, painted in the early 17th century by Maffei Francesco.
In a Vicenza Castle belonging to the CondeColleoni - Thiene family: Anonymous painting from the 18th century depicting San Gaetano in his heavenly vision. Picture Left...
Unknown Vicenza location: A painting of San Gaetano in his vision, painted by Cignarelli in 1700. Picture Right......
In San Nicola di Tolentino church of Vicenza, resides the 'real' portrait of San Gaetano, that is the closest rendition of how he was supposed to have looked like. Painting Right.....
Near the Church of Santo Stefano there is a San Gaetanos Street where one can also find a niche of the Saint high up between two windows.
Picture Right.
Vicenza - Arzignano:
San Zeno church: New Bell named San Gaetano
Oratory of San Gaetano built in 1686.
Vicenza - Asiago:
Small mountain chapel dedicated to San Gaetano.
Vicenza - Barbarano Vicentino:
In Villa Godi - Marinoni property lies a small Oratory dedicated to San Gaetano.
Vicenza - Bassano:
Parish church of the Holy Trinity: New bell San Gaetano blessed recently.
Vicenza - Bosco di Tretto:
San Gaetano church in San Gaetano Village.
Vicenza - Carre:
A small chapel dedicated to St.Jerome but commonly referred to as San Gaetano, annexed to an adjacent villa built by the Thiene family.
Vicenza - Casoni:
In the parish church there is a a painting of San Gaetano on his death bedassisted by angels, by Francesco Facci Negrati a few years before he died in 1836.
Vicenza - Castelgomberto:
Church of San Gaetano built in 1670 has two aisles. In the middle of the 18th century an atrium on columns was opened on each of the two sides. There was radical restoration work done on this church in 1932.
Vicenza - Cogollo del Cengio:
In 1676 a small church dedicated to San Gaetano was built. On its doorway there is the coat of arms of the town together with an inscription. Inside there is a painting that shows San Gaetano, among other figures. Painting on Right....
The Parish Church of Cogollo is dedicated to San Gaetano.
Also in Cogollo: San Gaetano marching band; San Gaetano Private School.
Vicenza - Colli Berici - Barbaro Vicentino:
A 1709 Oratory dedicated to San Gaetano. Inside there are some 17th century frescos framed in stucco, also an 18th century statue of the Saint. Picture Right......
Vicenza - Conca:
Palazzo Thiene-Cornaggia: A villa of Venetian-Gothic style built around 1470. A nearby chapel of the same era which used to be dedicated to St.Jerome and is now dedicated to San Gaetano. It was built in the middle of the 15th century by Count Giacomo Thiene attached to his villa. In 1751 a bell was added engraved with the words "Orate pro nobis sancti Hieronyme et Caietane" (Pray for us Saints Jerome & Gaetano). In 1709 the nobleman Lodovico Thiene costructed the altar of San Gaetano and two other altars so that each had a painting of the appropriate Saint. It was only after the building of these altars that the church started to be called 'San Gerolamo and San Gaetano'._ By the 1920's the chapel was in a deplorable state but after extensive restoration done in the 1990's, it was opened again for the faithful. Picture Top Right...
Also close to the Piazza Martiri della Liberta, erected on the occasion of the restoration of the city walls, there is a niche with a painting of San Gaetano who is accompanied by St.Valentine. This painting saw many different restorations over the years. Picture Bottom Right...
Vicenza - Dueville:
Adjacent to Villa Porto, a small Oratory dedicated to San Gaetano.
Vicenza - Lusiana:
Oratory of San Gaetano da Thiene built in 1707 with a marble altar and an oil on canvas depicting the Saint.
Vicenza - Malo:
San Tomio: In the Duomo, canvas showing San Gaetano and the massacre of the Innocents, painted by G.Carpioni.
Church and oratory dedicated to San Gaetano.
Street named Liston-San Gaetano.
Vicenza - Montebello Vicentino:
In the privately owned Castle of Montebello Vicentino, there is a small chapel of San Daniele. In 1676, Giulio Carpioni painted Daniel in the lions' den for this chapel. He also included St.Anthony of Padova, St.Francis of Assisi and San Gaetano.
Vicenza - Mosson:
San Gaetano parish church
Vicenza - Orgiano:
Parish church of Santa Maria: One of the five baroque altars is dedicated to San Gaetano who is patron of Orgiano and whose feast is celebrated every year with solemn church liturgy, a charity meal, dancing and fireworks.
Vicenza - Rampazzo di Camisano:
Church of St. Mary Magdalene. Painting depicting the Apotheosis of San Gaetano of Tiene where he is shown reaching the highest heaven raised on top of clouds. This canvas (right) was painted by Tiepolo and was commissioned by the Tiene family in 1757. A small church in the picture hints at the wish of the Saint to build the parish. Also an outdoor niche with statue of San Gaetano.
Vicenza - Sandrigo:
Oratory San Gaetano on street of same name. Part of Villa Sesso complex built in 1714 on an earlier church. There are three statues of saints on the facade and another three over the altar. One of another two statues on the sides is that of San Gaetano. See photos on Right..........
Another Oratory dedicated to San Gaetano in Lupiola in Sandrigo. The small church built in the early 1600s, forms part of the villa of 'Toso Velo Cadore'. The small belfry holds a bell dated 1080. The elegant altar is adorned in marbleand the canvas over the altar is from the 1600s. .......See photos on Left.
Vicenza - Schio:
A chapel belonging to the Piovene family, demolished in 1919, used to be dedicated to the Annunciation of Mary and San Gaetano.
Vicenza - Thiene:
Duomo of San Gaetano Thiene in The Assumption of Mary. Reconstructed in 1625, restored by O.Calderari at end of 1600蘗s. In 1746 consecrated after an imposing ceiling was installed with fifteen paintings by important masters. Due to increase in population, the temple was enlarged around 1914 with the addition of side naves and a dome standing on twelve monolithic pillars. Pictures Right.

Church of the Patronato San Gaetano: In this church which dates back to 1900, the Josephite Fathers Congregation has performed extraordinary maintenance by replacing the deteriorated secondary structure, creating a sealing layer with a new roof and new plumbing in pairs. They built new underfloor heating after creating a crawl space to avoid problems of rising damp. A general freshening up with paint was undertaken, respecting the original but restoring light and highlights using colors of natural materials. Externally, the fresco on the facade was restored and the entrance of the church was made accessible to the disabled. Pictures Below....

'San Gaetano di Thiene' Band club founded in 1902. It has participated at inter-provincial conventions gaining appreciated recognition. Nowadays the band takes part in official celebrations in the city and gives some annual concerts which now form part of the local tradition. On the 15th December 2002, for its 100th anniversary, the band gave a concert at the Thiene municipal theatre.
Vicenza - Valdagno:
Piazza San Gaetano: San Gaetano Parish church with excellent example of interior architecture abiding with post-conciliar norms. Consecrated 1959, has stained glass by Albano Poli in 1960. Only statue inside is of the patron San Gaetano, by Guido Gremasco. The wall behind the altar has eight strips of marble each from a different part of the world. The shape of the pipes of the organ makes everything mesh into an imposing modern decoration fit for the house of God. In the years 1973 - 1974 a new altar was built and the Sanctuary re-arranged to the norms of Vatican II. Pictures Below....
Vicenza - Valstagna:
San Gaetano Oratory built by the Venetian family Vernier near their house. Opened to the public in 1704 and restored in 1906, the edifice was ruined during the first world war. The actual building we see now, is the restoration of 1966. It has a canvas by Francesco Ferrazzi adorning the main altar. Pictures Right.
Vicenza - Villaraspa:
Oratory San Gaetano.
Vicenza - Zugliano:
Church of San Bernardino of Siena: As you enter, first altar on the right is dedicated to San Gaetano.
Local family Marzaro possesses a handwritten letter by San Gaetano, concerning debts to be paid. This document was written in Venezia in 1522.
Viterbo - Bolsena:
Church of Sta. Christina: An Ostensory designed by San Gaetano.
Viterbo - Fabrica di Roma:
One of the side altars of the local church is dedicated to San Gaetano.