San Cayetano Barracks.
San Cayetano Village.
Durango - Tamazula:
San Cayetano mine.
Guanajuanato (La Valenciana):
Church of San Cayetano also called La Valenciana on a scenic hilltop over the city, built between 1765 - 1786 over a silver mine. It contains a beautiful pipe organ made in Mexico which has 55 registers, 2000 metal and 6 wooden flutes and was donated by Don Antonio de Obregˆ„n and Alcocer. There is also an old folk art painting of San Cayetano, an object of study, in this church. Another painting of the Saint by Fray Miguel de Herrera done in 1772. This 'churrigueresco' style church also boasts of altars gilded with 24 karat gold. Pictures Below and Right...
Guerrero - Taxco:
In the beautiful Cathedral of Taxco there is a very ornate altar dedicated to San Cayetano which contains some statues and the middle one which is encased in a niche, is that of the Saint. Picture Right......
Hidalgo - Pachuca:
San Cayetano Parish.
Mexico State - Atizapan de Zaragoza:
The parish of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and San Cayetano in the Federal District of Mexico, was erected in the Holy Year 1975 by Cardinal Archbishop of Mexico Don Miguel Dario Miranda. The festivities are held every year from July 29 to August 15, with the main solemnity of San Cayetano on August 7 with the Novena in honor of the Saint from 29 July to 6 August. The church is the focal point of the complex (built in 1966), with the Seminary dedicated to the training of aspirants, postulants and novice Teatine Order; the college with pre-primary, primary, secondary; and retreat house.
Mexico State - Capulhuac:
San Cayetano centre for theatrical studies.
Mexico State - Lindavista:
Parish church of San Cayetano. First stone laid on 10th August 1952 and first Mass celebrated on the Saint’Äôs feast day of 1959. 1960 the sanctuary was blessed while a new statue of San Cayetano was installed and blessed the next year. An earthquake in 1985 closed this church for five years while the structure was made safe and then opened for the faithful on the 29th July 1990.
Mexico State - Mexico City:
In the church of Our Lady of Fatima, is a much venerated statue of San Cayetano holding Baby Jesus.
Mexico State - Nueva Tenochtitlan:
Parish church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and San Cayetano run by the Theatine order. Blessed in 1949 and raised to the state of a Parish in 1975. A fairly modern church where devotion to the Saint thrives, as can be seen by the paintings, murals and statues present. Pictures below
Mexico State - San Jose Villa:
San Cayetano is a National Park in the Municipio de San Jose Villa de Allende. There is a nice town called Valle de Bravo with a big lake. San Cayetano Wildlife Station.
Michoacan de Ocampo - Jiquilpan:
Feast of San Cayetano in the parish of the same name, very popular with emigrants to the USA who come back for a visit.
Morelos - Toluca:
Autonomous University of Mexico: San Cayetano Centre for the faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Nayarit - Novillero:
Bright and colourful church of San Cayetano. Picture Right....

Nayarit - Xalisco:
San Cayetano Parish church built in the 19th century in typical Colonial style. The Stuccos, Canvases and sculptures inside this church reflect the artistic sensibility of the local artisans.
Nuevo Leon - Doctor Arroyo:
San Cayetano de Vacas: Populated rural area with school of the same name.
Puebla - Huejotzingo:
Painting of San Cayetano during his vision
San Luis Potosi:
San Cayetano caves and San Cayetano Church. Picture Right...
San Luis Potosi: - Villa de Reyes:
Archaeological dig in area called San Cayetano.
Sierra (mountain range) San Cayetano.
Tamaulipas - Ciudad Victoria:
Church of San Cayetano
Tijuana - Rio Gallegos:
Sanctuary Church of San Cayetano.
Tlaxcala - Nanacampila:
Beautifully decorated Hacienda San Cayetano built in the 19th Century, has a chapel inside which is dedicated to San Cayetano.
Zacatecas - Atolinga:
Feast in the parish church of the patron San Cayetano celebrated with processions with the statue of the Saint, dances and sport. Pictures below....
Zacatecas - Florencia:
A small baroque style church dedicated to San Cayetano. Behind the altar, a statue of the Saint with Baby Jesus in his arms, stands high up in a niche.