Alava - Zarate:
In this mountainous Basque region, a statue and feast of San Cayetano in the small village of Zarate.

Albacete - Lietor:
Church of Santiago Apostle: The oldest altar of this church is that of San Cayetano with an image of the Saint by an anonymous painter of the 17th - 18th century.
Albacete - Penas de San Pedro:
Parish church of Nuestra la Esperanza (Our Lady of Hope) built in the 18th century: Among other sculptures, one of San Cayetano done by Roque Lopez in 1785.
Alicante - Benissa:
San Cayetano Orphanage.
Alicante - Crevillente:
New San Cayetano Parish church 1998. Pictures Right.

San Cayetano Mountain with San Cayetano natural park having extensive pine forests and fauna close by. The ruins of an old San Cayetano church here have been recently restored. Pictures Right.
Alicante - Famorca:
A small mountain hamlet with San Cayetano as patron. The church bearing his name was built at the end of the 17th century and rebuilt in 1912. It has an interesting original old clock. The Saint's feast is celebrated every year with religious functions and also popular dancing. Pictures on Right......
Alicante - Horizonte:
Small village Church of San Cayetano. Picture on Right shows the Church all decorated for Holy Thursday...
Alicante - Orihuela:
Parish church of Our Lady of Monserrat: Church infested with termites has an altar dedicated to San Cayetano which has considerable damage.
Almeria - Andalucia - Imanima:
Plaza San Cayetano.
Almeria - Cantoria:
Church of St.Anthony and San Cayetano. Picture Right......
Almeria - Medio Almanzora:
Parish church of San Cayetano with his feast celebrated here every year.
Almeria - Roquetas de Mar:
Feast of the Canailla (sea urchin) in honour of San Cayetano.
Almeria - Sierra de los Filabres:
16th century Chapel of San Cayetano.
Almeria - Tijola:
San Cayetano chapel is the oldest in this picturesque area. Built in 1571 probably on an old Mosque. The original titular picture was destroyed in 1936 while the present one was painted in 1949. Picture Right...
Asturias - Coana:
In the parish of Trelles: Chapel and Feast of San Cayetano.
Asturias - Pesoz:
San Cayetano chapel.
Asturias - Pilona:
Church of Santa Eulalia de Ques: The chapel on the left is dedicated to San Cayetano.
Asturias - Iboyo:
Area of archaeological interest: Chapel of San Cayetano.
Badajos - Jerez de los Caballeros:
The Franciscan sisters of the convent of the Holy Trinity had dedicated themselves to San Cayetano around the turn of the 20th century.
In their convent they have a beautiful statue of the Saint with Baby Jesus in his arm.
Church of San Agustin: Canvas of San Cayetano.
Caceres - Descargamaria:
Feast of San Cayetano.
Cadiz - Jerez:
Church of St.Mark: Small square shaped chapel of San Cayetano on the left. It is enclosed with an ornate gate.
Cantabria - Castro Urdiales:
In 1899 a congregation of nuns was formed in this city calling themselves Servants of Jesus and San Cayetano. They have a Painting of San Cayetano above the main altar of their church and even a beautiful statue of him holding Baby Jesus.
Cantabria - Colindres:
Chapel of San Cayetano which was for a long time was in ruins and and of which nowadays there is no trace.
Cantabria - Liebana:
Small chapel dedicated to San Cayetano.
Cantabria - Mames:
In this village, one can find the church of San Mames and San Cayetano, also a fountain at the entrance of the village, showing sculptures of both Saints on each side of a Crucified Christ.
Cantabria - Potes
San Cayetano chapel with single nave and Baroque altarpiece. Above the altar, an image of San Cayetano surrounded with pictures of other saints. Close by the chapel, a medieval bridge named after San Cayetano.
Cantabria - Santander:
Restoration project - Church of San Cayetano.
"San Cayetano" Painting by Urbano Fos in the Museum of Fine Arts in the City of Castellon. Picture Right......
Catalunya - Barcelona:
Church of Sant Gaieta built 1955, booklet issued on the occasion of its 50th anniversary in 2005. Right...
Also in the Cathedral, a beautiful statue of the Saint. #1 Below. Two others in St James church. #2 & #3
Catalunya - Barcelona - Consejo de Ciento:
Beautiful old church of Sant Gaieta run by the Theatines. In this church, sculptures and paintings showing instances from the life of the Saint abound. Pictures Right...
Catalunya - Lleida - Aitona:
A simple but old mountain chapel of Sant Gaieta with cupola and roof reminiscing Arab rule. The Saint's feast is held here annually.
This peninsula in North Africa opposite Gibraltar belongs to Spain. Here we can find a San Cayetano Cemetery.
Baroque church of San Jose adjacent to convent of Discalced Carmelites commonly called San Cayetano. Built 1656, it has an altar on the right dedicated to San Cayetano. In 1931 during the Spanish Civil War, the Convent of San Cayetano was assaulted and burnt down. Pictures Below Right......
In the grounds of this convent there is also a Spring named after our Saint.
Picture Left....
Also in Cordoba: Church of Our Lady of Expectation: 2nd altar on the left dedicated to San Cayetano with a fairly modern painting of the Saint hanging above it.
Cordoba - Villa de Baena:
Church of Our Lady of Guadeloupe: On one side altar there is a Statue of San Cayetano.
Coruna - As Pontes:
In the Parish church there is a small 18th century statue of San Cayetano with open arms.
Coruna - Muxia:
In the sacristy of the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Barca, amongst other 'retablos' , there is one of San Cayetano.
Coruna - Portosin:
Feast of San Caetano.
Coruna - San Salvador de Serantes:
17th century chapel dedicated to San Cayetano.
Coruna - Santiago de Compostela:
Parish Church of San Cayetano. This small church of the 17th century was one of the first to be dedicated to San Cayetano in all of Spain. It was only made a Parish in 1970 and it is cared for by nuns. Pictures Right....
Coruna - Vedra:
Chapel of San Cayetano, nowadays not in use. It has a spring deemed to be miraculous by the local population. Pictures Right......
Cuenca - Carcinarro - Puebla de San Francisco:
In 1998 a chapel was built here dedicated to San Sebastian, San Isidro and San Cayetano. It was built by volunteers of the pueblo and donations.
Cuenca - Gascuena:
Little Chapel of San Cayetano.
Cuenca - Tresjuncos:
Feast of San Cayetano with the statue of the taken in procession through the streets of the town. Pictures Below

Granada - Alpujarra:
In the church of Santa Maria Major, on the main altar, top left in a niche, is the statue of San Cayetano holding Baby Jesus. Picture Right...

Granada - Gor:
Feast of the patron San Cayetano, with: Two processions, the running of the flag; fireworks and the running of the bulls. Pictures Right.
Granada - Gualchos - Jolucar:
In this small mountain village there is a church of San Cayetano where the local population goes out in procession with his statue on his feast day. Pictures Below...
Granada - La Taha (Mecina):
In the Bombaron area there is a parish church dedicated to St Mark and San Cayetano. Pictures Right..
Granada - Motril:
Small village Church of San Cayetano with a Statue of the Saint for the 7th August procession. Pictures Right......
Granada - Sorvilan:
This parish church built between 1667 and 1670 has three naves and behind the main altar is the sacristy and the former priest's house. The bell-tower, rectangular in shape, stands attached to the left side on the back. During the tragic events of the civil war the church was sacked and became a reconstruction project at the request of the authorities.
Granada - El Pinar; Izbor; Mecina Fondales:
All these villages in Granada celebrate the feast of San Cayetano Thiene.
Also in Granada: San Cayetano hill.
Gran Canaria - Island of Firgas:
Near the entrance to the parish church there is an interesting image of San Cayetano holding Baby Jesus. Parish church of St.Roque: Canvas of San Cayetano.
Gran Canaria - Tenerife - La Montaneta:
San Cayetano Church with feast celebrated in the town of La Montaneta, with festivities including procession and the distribution of bread to the poor. This church is the result of a recent enlargement of a chapel built in the late 1800s. Inside, the image of the Saint is venerated and of course taken outside for the feast procession. Pictures Right......
Gran Canaria - Tenerife - Santa Cruz:
Old church of St Francis of Assisi: An older statue of San Cayetano dressed in Black Clerical Garb.
Guadalajara - Gascuena:
Chapel of San Cayetano not in use because it is in need of restoration.
Cathedral of Our lady of Grace: Chapel of San Cayetano which was destroyed by an earthquake in 1755. Repairs to the whole temple were slowly made and it was only a hundred years later that they were completed.
Also in the same Cathedral: Multi coloured statue of San Cayetano praying 1667.
Huelva - Lepe:
Parish church of Santo Domingo de Guzman: An 18th century painting of San Cayetano.
San Cayetano street.
Huesca - Benabarre:
Chapel of San Cayetano part of which is from Roman times. It used to serve as a cemetery chapel and also as the parish church. Nowadays it is kept in good shape by Vincente Perera. Pictures Below.
Islas Baleares - Mallorca - Palma de Mallorca:
San Cayetano college and school run by the Theatine order. Inside is a Chapel dedicated to the Saint. Pictures Near Right......

Also in Palma de Mallorca, in St.James' Church, an ornate altar dedicated to San Cayetano, work of Miguel Tomas. Picture Far Right......
Islas Baleares - Mallorca - Petra:
Church of the Franciscan convent of San Bernardino di Siena: San Salvador de Horta chapel: The top part of the altarpiece is a small canvas of San Cayetano receiving Baby Jesus from the Virgin Mary. Picture far Right......
Islas Baleares - Menorca - Mao':
Church of Sant Gaieta built 1884/5 in neo gothic style after a previous church was demolished in an earthquake. The feast of the Patron is celebrated with exhibitions, sport, food, fireworks and of course the church liturgy. Picture Right......
Jaen - Ubeda:
Church of St.Paul: A beautifully decorated chapel of San Cayetano.
La Rioja - Maravilla:
Feast of San Cayetano celebrated within the municipality of San Cayetano.
Leon - Carbajal:
Primary school San Cayetano.
Lugo - Alfoz:
Very old rural chapel dedicated to San Cayetano.
Lugo - Barreiros (Celeiro de Marinaos):
Chapel of San Cayetano dated 1700. On his feast day in August, a fiesta with tortillas is held in his honour near this church. Lately the church is being restored on the inside

Corneria mountain also called San Cayetano.
The Parish Church of San Millan and San Cayetano on Ambassadors street has a clock tower and a statue of San Cayetano in a niche over the entrance door. The outside with its distinctive Grey / Salmon colours is much photographed by tourists including the statue of San Cayetano himself in a niche. Also in this church, a picture of the Saint made up of glazed tiles. Pictures Right......
Also in Madrid: Church and Monastery of Our Lady of Grace, commonly called San Cayetano. Built by the Theatines between 1669 and 1761, the church is in the form of a Greek cross, with three naves with chapels topped by cupolas on the sides. There are statues of Our Lady and of San Cayetano inside, and the front of the church is built of granite. After the war, the extensive damage was repaired especially the central cupola which was completely rebuilt.
Greater Madrid: Modern church of Our Lady of Providence and San Cayetano.
Picture Right......
San Cayetano feasts with processions, open air concerts, dancing and fireworks. There is a custom that whoever hits the statue of the Saint with a flower thrown at it, will not lack work for that year.
A Madrid side street named San Cayetano, referred to as Paintersĺ─˘ street.
Left: Street decorations for San Cayetano fiestas. Madrid.

Calle (Quarter) San Cayetano, Madrid. Right:
Madrid - Mostoles:
A plaque reads: This image of San Cayetano is the original one that the Theatines brought with them when they constructed the church in 1670 and survived the destruction of the church in 1936.

Picture on Near Right is of the old Statue......
Picture on Far Right is of the Current Statue used nowadays......
Cister Museum: San Cayetano sculpture, one of a series by sculptors of the 16th and 17th centuries.Also in Malaga, a painting of San Cayetano during his vision.
Malaga - Almogia:
Archipresbeterial section of San Cayetano in Malaga Province.
Malaga - Cala de Mijas:
San Cayetano Cemetery.
Malaga - Costa del Sol:
Portal de San Cayetano.
Malaga - Competa:
Small chapel dedicated to San Cayetano.
Malaga - Fuengirola:
San Cayetano patron Saint.
San Cayetano Cemetery opened in May 1990.
Malaga - Mollina:
At its agricultural peak, Mollina's olive groves were so productive that the parish church of San Cayetano, built in 1687, its dedication was changed to Nuestra Senora de la Oliva.
Malaga - Puerto de la Torre:
The harvest festival is still one of rural Andalusia's liveliest traditions. The celebration takes place in Venta San Cayetano, located in the outskirts of Malaga, and is characterized by dancing contests among different peasant communities.
Malaga - Sayalonga - Torre del mar:
16th century diminutive chapel built beside the church of Santa Catalina when Christianity and Islam tolerated each other in this area of Spain. Might have been dedicated to some other Saint at the time. Now it is dedicated to San Cayetano. Inside the chapel is a priceless painting of San Cayetano done in the 18th century.

Pictures Below.
Murcia - Monteagudo:
Old Chapel of San Cayetano with archaeological excavations around it which are yielding Bronze age remains. Modern parish church of San Cayetano nearby. Pictures Below...
Murcia - Torrepacheco:
Barrio (municipality) of San Cayetano with San Cayetano church. Also in Murcia, a garden named after the Saint. Pictures on right....
Murcia - Yecla:
In the Basilica de la Purisima: In the second chapel, a modern painting of San Cayetano in the middle flanked by San Pancracio and San Isidoro.
Navarra - Beriain:
The mountain chapel of San Donato and San Cayetano sitting on a peak near a cliff was not in good shape even though it was renovated in 1958. Mountaineers used it for shelter. The Anaitasuna club put up a collection of 3000 spoons for sale to raise funds for another restoration. This was done lately with the help of a helicopter which brought up 60 tons of materials for the operation 1494 meters altitude.

Below: Before the last Renovation...... After...... Right the cliff face...... In Winter....
Navarra - Tudela:
A community of Franciscan Capuchin sisters whose congregation was founded when San Cayetano was still living has a house in this city. Because their foundress had Cayetano as spiritual director, devotion to him can be traced by them to those times. These sisters of Tudela call themselves Capuchinas of Tudela and San Cayetano.
Navarra - Iranzu:
Monastery of Santa Maria: A beautiful statue of San Cayetano. Picture Right.....
Chapel of San Cayetano has a bell from the English vessel Collingwood which in 1735 avoided shipwreck by sighting the chapel. The crew donated the bell as thanksgiving.
In one of the streets of the town people have erected a series of stone images of the Via Crucis starting with a beautiful cross and ending in the chapel of San Cayetano.
Pontevedra - Bueu:
Feast of San Cayetano.
Pontevedra - Bustelos:
Small mountain wayside Chapel of San Cayetano. Picture Right......
Pontevedra - Guarda:
Parish of San Queitano whose Confraternity of the Saint has a beautiful statue of him. In front of the Chapel of San Queitano a huge tent is put up for his feast to accommodate the devotees for Mass. Pictures Right.
Salamanca - Ciudad Rodrigo:
Parish church San Cayetano and Diocesan Seminary and College opened 26 Nov. 1766. Rebuilt in the 19th cent, in the 1950s a minor seminary was built while in 1996 some changes were made to house a priests residence.
Salamanca - Salamantino:
An old convent of San Cayetano used to exist where the French built fortifications and where many battles took place in the war of 1812. With two other convents the San Cayetano convent was destroyed when the powder reserves exploded.
Segovia - La Trinidad:
A canvas of San Cayetano which used to be in the church of San Facundo (closed for worship in 1843), now kept in the church of the Blessed Trinity.
Arch confraternity of 'Our Father Jesus of Nazareth': Image of San Cayetano sculptured in wood and kept in a vaulted niche in the atrium. Picture near Right......
Art on tile at Sevilla depicting Sant Caieta.

Picture middle Right......
Church of St.Philip Neri: Amongst other statues in niches on the sides of the altars of this church, one can find the image of San Cayetano which is the work of Giscardi. Picture Far Right......
Church of San Idelfonso: Retablo (painting) of San Cayetano in a neoclassical style done in the 18th century by Cristobal Ramos. This painting shows the Virgin Mary appearing to our Saint. Also in the right transept of this church, an anonymous sculpture with academic life-size figures of the Virgin handing the baby Jesus to San Cayetano, who is on his knees. From the 18th century. Picture Middle Right....
In the Church of Sta Catalina in Sevilla, a group of statues of San Cayetano during his vision.
Picture Right...Far Right is a print on an old booklet from the same church showing the group of statues....
Sevilla - Cadiz:
In the hospital of Our Lady of Carmen, is a church of the 18th century. One of its side chapels is dedicated to San Cayetano and contains an oil on canvas painting of the Saint in the act of receiving Baby Jesus from Our Lady.
Sevilla - El Saucejo:
Parish church of St.Mark: Statues of the Virgin and San Cayetano the latter by Cristobal Ramos, showing much grace and warmth. Picture far Right.....
Sevilla - Lujan:
The Parish Church here is dedicated to San Cayetano. Picture Right......
Sevilla - Puebla del Rio:
Chapel of St.Sebastian: On one of the walls, amongst other figures, we can find that of San Cayetano.
Sevilla - San Juan de Aznalfrache:
Monastery of San Cayetano established in 1796. Picture on the Right.....
Industria San Cayetano SA: Factory which makes corrugated cardboard products for produce packaging.
School of Administrative Managers celebrates the feast of its patron San Cayetano every year when four pictures of the Saint are drawn out by lots.
Ceramic panel of San Cayetano: Made in Valencia in around 1800, this panel has 4 rows of 3 tiles each 20.5 x 20.5cm. The predominant colors are mulberry, blue, yellow, green and orange and are outlined partially with manganese. The double molded frame is yellow and orange.
Valencia-Valencia City:
In the Church of Our Lady of Montesa which is attached to an old palace, one of the side altars is dedicated to San Cayetano.
Zamora - Pinilla de Toro:
Convent of the Immaculate Conception and San Cayetano.
Zamora - Santa Croya de Tera:
Feast of San Cayetano.
Zamora - Sanabria:
Small chapel of San Cayetano built in the 18th century with an ornate facade. It stands adjacent to the church of Nuestra Senora de Azogue. Pictures Right......
The church of Santa Isabel was built 1678 / 1706. When the Theatines took it over, it started to be called San Cayetano. It was restored and inaugurated in 1998. The heraldic shield of Aragon can be found over the entrance, flanked by the statues of San Andrea Avellino and San Cayetano.
In this same church of Santa Isabel there is also a painting by Jose Martinez Lurbe 17th century. St.James appears to our Saint. Picture Right...
Also from Zaragoza: A small oratory of the Palace of the Counts of Sobradiel, nowadays The Notarial Association, was decorated by Goya between 1771 and 1772. The paintings, badly preserved, were fragmented and went to different collections. The parts with San Vicente Ferrer and San Cayetano ended up in the possession of foreign collectors.